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Rana grape leaves prices


Rana grape leaves prices, Of course there are a lot of grape leaves lovers, It is basically the leaf that accompanies the fruits of grapes, Where it is collected and used in various cooking recipes, Mostly it is stuffed with rice accompanied by minced meat. This meal is known as Al-Mahshi, and originally grape leaves are famous for their use in Al-Mahshi in the Arab world.

Today in this report we will discuss together what are the most important calories of Rana grape leaves, In addition to the ingredients in which grape leaves were preserved to protect them from spoilage, And other nutritional details related to whole canned Rana grape leaves.


Nutritional ingredients in Rana grape leaves

  • grape leaves
  • water
  • salt
  • Citric acid


Rana grape leaves prices

The calories of Rana grape leaves in an amount of 67 gm, i.e. within ten leaves, are about 32.5 calories. Macros calories are distributed between carbohydrates of 5 gm, and fat in the amount of 0.5 g, and 2g of protein.

There is also sodium at 1380 mg, And dietary fiber in the amount of 5 g.

The product also contains some vitamins, including vitamin C by 6%. and calcium by 20%, and iron by 4%.

This one The product does not contain any saturated fats. or unsaturated fats, or even cholesterol, or sugar.


Notes on Rana grape leaves

It should be noted that only paper calories were calculated. This is why you will find that the product is low in calories. But paper is not used in its original form like this. Rather, it is stuffed with many other food ingredients, such as rice, for example. and other components, Not to mention adding fatty substances to it, For this, the previous calorie calculation must be added to the calculation of the other calories that will be added to the product.


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