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Radwa chicken thighs, how many calories


Calories in Radwa chicken thighs, which is one of the distinguished companies in providing high-quality frozen chicken, This is why it is widely consumed in Saudi Arabia.

In general, Chicken is one of the delicious meals that we always find in any diet. Away, of course, from diets that reject meat in general, But any other diet you’ll find in it, It is very high in protein. This makes it contribute to filling the human need for protein.

In the following report, here are the calories in Radwa chicken thighs and all its nutritional details through its nutritional card, which we will present below.

Calories in Radwa chicken thighs

Calories in Radwa chicken thighs
Calories in Radwa chicken thighs

The calories in Radwa chicken thighs, in an amount consisting of 100 grams, are about 168.6 calories, distributed between 16.4 grams of protein, And carbohydrates< 1 gram, And fats amounted to 11.0 grams, or (17%) of the daily requirement.

The product also contains 3.6 grams of saturated fat, or (18%) of the daily requirement. and trans fats< 0.1g.

As for the amount of cholesterol in a 100-gram portion of Razavi chicken thighs, It is 99 milligrams (33%) of the daily requirement.

There is also 68 mg of sodium (3%) of the daily requirement. And dietary fiber in that amount< 1 gram.

When it comes to the sugar in that serving, The total sugars< 1 gram, However, the product does not contain any added sugar.

Nutritional components in Radwa chicken thighs

  • Luxurious chicken thighs

Nutritional components in Radwa chicken thighs

  • Premium chicken thighs


  • Radwa chicken thighs are kept at a temperature of (-18) degrees Celsius to preserve them for as long as possible.
  • in case you sauté chicken thighs, and melt the snow from it, We do not recommend refreezing it again. But it must be cooked immediately.
  • All types of poultry meat issued by Radwa Company have been slaughtered in accordance with the rules of Islamic law.

These were the most prominent details related to calories in Radwa thighs, and it is true that the product contains a high percentage of protein, However, on the other hand, It also contains a large amount of fat. Therefore, one must be very careful not to overdo it. And the search for an alternative that is less in the amount of fat, such as chicken breast, for example.

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