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Prices unzip the red Kuwait


The calories of the red Kuwait loose bread, which is a type of crunchy snack that is easy to consume at any time. And anywhere. In general, The crackers are distinguished by their varied flavours. and its delicious crunchy taste, This is precisely what makes it so over-consumed and sometimes addictive.

but on the other hand, No matter how delicious it tastes, in the end it will still be just a snack. We cannot consider it as a real food that provides nutritional benefit to the human body. Also, although it does not provide any beneficial nutritional values, But it does contain a lot of calories. Today we will learn about the food label for that snack. and calories, So stay tuned.

Prices unzip the red Kuwait

The calories in the red Kuwait Pawsack potato are about 99 calories, And this is on the entire bag of 18 grams, The calories of macros are distributed as follows, carbohydrates by 10.4 grams, It is the highest amount among the macro values, followed by fat at 5.8 grams, And then at the end comes protein at 1.3 grams, It is a very small percentage compared to what the human body needs of protein throughout the day. which is determined on the basis of the size of each person, And his ideal weight.

In fact, from all of the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that the product consumes a lot of the share of carbohydrates, unnecessary fats, So you should not overconsume it.

Unlock the Red Kuwait

It is a type of crunchy snack that is ready to be consumed immediately. It can be found in any supermarket

Nutritional ingredients in Bfk Al-Kuwait Al-Ahmar

  • corn groats
  • Palm oil (vegetable oil)
  • salt
  • Natural cheese powder
  • beta-carotene (food color)
  • paprika
  1. The product does not contain potatoes or wheat flour because it is made from corn grits

  • The product is without artificial colours. And without preservatives.
  • The product is manufactured under the supervision of the ISO quality system.
Snacks & Crackers
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The difference between the red Kuwaiti decoder and the green Kuwaiti decoder

The difference is that the red Kuwait unzip comes in a size of 18 grams. As for the green Kuwait jaw, it comes in a size of 23 grams. This will certainly make the calories consumed when eating each of them different due to the different amount consumed. but in general, The difference is limited only to the size and calories, although the nutritional values ​​of the red Kuwait Buffakk are the same as the nutritional values ​​of the green Kuwait Buffak for a size of 100 grams.

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