Original iced coffee from Kovic 1 sachet


iced coffee without flavor, Many consumers around the world love to have coffee, They can’t start their day without her, It is one of the drinks that help to focus, and a sense of activity, Especially if consumed early in the morning.

In the following report we will learn about the most important calories in iced coffee without flavor, as well as the nutritional components it contains, So stay tuned.

Calories in Iced Coffee Without Flavor

The calories in an original iced coffee from Coffeek are 86 calories per 1 envelope of cold coffee. The calories of macrose within that amount are distributed between carbohydrates of 21 g, and protein in the amount of 0.5 g, The product does not contain any fat, where it is 0 g.

On the flip side, The product includes sodium in the amount of 41 mg, and sugar in the amount of 21 g, And it’s a very high amount.

Original iced coffee ingredients from Kovic

Cold coffee without flavor from Kovic

  • sugar
  • Instant coffee
  • Industrial vanilla flavor
  • salt

How to prepare cold coffee Kofic

  1. Empty the contents of an original iced coffee envelope from Kovic into a cup.
  2. Add 300 ml of cold milk.
  3. Stir well and enjoy the delicious taste, And congratulations and wellness.

Notes on Coffeeic Cold Coffee

  • Keep the original iced coffee from Kofic in a dry and cool place.
  • Produced in Hungary with the mandate of the brand owners for Goody Middle East FZE. Dubai, United Arab Emirates.
  • For your feedback on an original iced coffee from Kofik call 8002446663

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