onions.. Antibiotic and many health benefits!

Onion and onion powder are among the most famous and oldest plants and agricultural crops used on earth. Where he was the first to use are the pharaohs.

And in ancient Egypt, They worship onions And they use it in burial rituals.

Onions have many health benefits, including; reduce obesity, heart disease and cancer, Because it is rich in vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

The onion contains chemicals that reduce inflammation. and lung distress in people with asthma, cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

Onion can be incorporated into simple diets, It can also be put into regular food in many simple ways.

The nutrients in onions

Onions are a good source of vitamin C, vitamin B6, potassium and folate. in addition to, Onions are a low-calorie way to add flavor to food.

Onions contain phytochemicals that can affect the body’s vital processes.

indicate Research It suggests that these substances may improve immunity and reduce the risk of cancer by preventing inflammation and damage to cells and DNA.

And to find out the nutrients in onions in every 100 grams of onions on:


Onion health benefits

  • Onions promote heart health through antioxidants and compounds that fight inflammation, reduce triglycerides, and lower cholesterol levels.
  • Research indicates that the onion has a positive effect on the skin. alone or with other ingredients, Whereas, applying it to the skin for 10 weeks treats scars.
  • Research shows that applying onion juice to the scalp for 8 weeks may improve hair growth for people with alopecia.
  • Eat 20 grams of onions with a diet, It reduces blood sugar in people with diabetes.
  • Eating an onion for 6 weeks reduces systolic blood pressure in people with high blood pressure.
  • Eating an onion for 12 weeks reduces body weight by a small percentage in people who are overweight or obese.
  • Eating onions reduces the risk of prostate cancer.
  • Improving the appearance of stretch marks on the body.
  • It treats many diseases such as asthma, bronchitis, upset stomach, fever, colds, coughs, cuts, loss of appetite

Side Effects and Safety

Onions are very safe When taken orally, reasonable amounts are commonly found in food.

It can be said that taking up to 400 mg of onion extract for 6 weeks is safe.

althoug, Side effects of excessive consumption of onions include; Skin irritation or eczema and flatulence.

Special precautions and warnings against eating onions

  • Bleeding disorder: Onions may slow blood clotting. It is advised after taking it if you have a bleeding disorder.
  • People who are allergic to celery may be allergic to onions. It should not be used in medicinal amounts if you are allergic to it.
  • Diabetes: Onions might lower blood sugar. If you suffer from diabetes and used onions in medicinal quantities, Check your blood sugar carefully.


Onion as an antibiotic

Before the advent of antibiotics 1940’s, Onions used to treat bacterial infections. Where was . used Onions to treat pneumonia .

Furthermore it, It can be used to extract ‘phlegm’ from the lungs and speed up the healing process.

It is worth noting that onions are a good source of vitamin C and the mineral manganese. They are two “traditional” nutrients that play a key role in supporting the body’s antioxidants.

Vitamin C helps the body’s detoxification function properly because it helps keep the mineral cofactors for those enzymes in place.

With regard to manganese, It is one of the main enzymes in the mitochondria. They are important cellular components of oxygen production.

Furthermore, onions contain antioxidant and anti-inflammatory phytonutrients, the most well-known of which is the flavonoid quercetin (and quercetin glycosides).

Onion powder

consists Onion powder from dried onions This gives it an intense flavor that goes well with many foods.

The use of onion powder when cooking offers health benefits because it contains some nutrients. But in small quantities.

Which means you can’t count on it to meet your daily recommended needs.

Onion powder and curry powder

Sodium free salt substitute

Onion powder can be a good substitute for salt in many recipes. The percentage of sodium in it does not exceed 2300 mg.

Reducing salt by using onion powder when cooking can help reduce the risk of high blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

Low in fat and calories

Using onion powder in your favorite recipes increases the flavor without adding a huge amount of fat and calories.

This allows you to maintain your moderate diet, This reduces the risk of many health conditions, Including heart disease and diabetes.

One teaspoon of onion powder contains about eight calories without fat. allowing you to use whatever you want.

Onion powder provides the following nutrients:


One teaspoon of onion powder contains 24 mg of potassium. It is a nutrient that helps regulate blood pressure.

Potassium helps build healthy muscles, bone contraction, digestion and heartbeat. Potassium deficiency may lead to muscle cramps.


Onion powder contains a small amount of magnesium. Up to 3 mg per teaspoon.

It contributes to promoting bone health, immunity, Muscle and nerve function helps regulate blood sugar.

Replace onions with powder

Maybe onion powder A good alternative to the onion itself, Where a teaspoon can be considered, A good substitute for a small onion.

With onion powder added to the food during the last 15 minutes of cooking, In the event that the natural recipe suggests including onions ahead of time.


How to make onion powder

onion powder Thin slices of onion that are dried Either through a dryer or placed in the oven, For up to 6 hours.

This powder is made from thin slices of onion. where you clean it as much as possible, Then put it in a dehydrator to dry completely.

Then rub the onion slices until they turn into a powder (powder), Then you store it in an airtight container.

Onion-based healthy meals

Onions enter Many diets On top of the salad, on top of it is the tuna salad sandwich, which consists of onions, celery, lemon juice, dill and pepper.

This meal is characterized by few calories and unhealthy fats.

Also among the meals is the cream of the sauce soup, which is a cold soup made of vegetable juice and onions. It is characterized by low calories and unhealthy fats.

Among the delicious meals also in this framework, onion soup, 1 tablespoon of onion powder, A tablespoon of pepper.

Plus a tablespoon of dried parsley , two teaspoons of garlic powder, and one teaspoon of basil.

This calorie meal gives 6 calories, and 1 gram of carbohydrates.

and 2 milligrams of sodium, and 32 milligrams of potassium, In addition to phosphorous, calcium and fiber.


Food products containing onion powder

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