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Old El Paso Original Chips Calories


Old El Paso Original Chips Calories, It is a light, gluten-free snack. It can be considered a more than wonderful addition to Mexican meals if you are a fan of them. It can also be considered as a snack that can be obtained on the go. or at night..

In this report, we will monitor for you what are the calories of Old El Paso Original Chips, We will also learn about the nutritional components of this product completely, Not to mention also knowing all the other nutritional details related to this product completely.


Nutritional ingredients in Old El Paso Original Chips

Crispy tortilla chips

  • Whole corn kernel
  • Vegetable oil (high oleic sunflower oil)
  • salt


Old El Paso Original Chips Calories

The calories of Old El Paso Original Chips in an amount of 50 gm of these chips are about 243.6 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that amount between total total fat 12 gm, There is a large amount of total carbohydrates estimated at 30 gm. Plus 3.9g of protein.

On the other hand, These chips contain 1.1g of saturated fat. and trans fats 0.1> gm, There is also cholesterol in the amount of 1 mg.

These chips also contain sodium, amounting to 98 mg. And there is dietary fiber in that serving of 3 gm, There are also total sugars of 0.3 g, And that serving of chips doesn’t include any added sugar.


Notes on Old El Paso Original Chips

  • The product is gluten free
  • The product may contain cow’s milk, soy, and mustard. so is celery, That is why people who are allergic to these food ingredients should avoid consuming this product.
  • Keep the product in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, We will find that the product is somewhat high in calories. Therefore, its intake should be limited as much as possible. Because excessive consumption may lead to obesity.


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