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Nutritional values ​​in organic Arla chocolate milk


Arla Organic Chocolate Milk is low-fat cow’s milk produced from organically fed cows in Denmark.

Calories in Arla Organic Chocolate Milk

The calories in Arla Organic Chocolate Milk are 133.4 calories per small package of 200 ml. And more than half of the calories are from carbohydrates, 59%. For more nutritional values, we leave you with the following nutritional card.

Ingredients of Arla Organic Chocolate Milk

  • Organic Cow’s Milk (1.5% Fat)
  • 10g organic cane sugar (sugar added)
  • Organic Cocoa Powder
  • natural flavours
  • Stabilizer E407 Carrageenan
  • E418 Permitted Stabilizers
  • 410 IU Vitamin A
  • 80 IU Vitamin D

How to use Arla organic milk

  1. Suitable for direct use
  2. Refrigerate after opening
  3. Consume within 3 days
  4. Not suitable for infants unless on the advice of a physician
  5. Fortified with vitamin D and treated with ultra-high heat
  6. Store in a cool dry place
  7. Denmark production

Notes on Arla Organic Low Fat Milk

  1. It contains less than 0.01g cholesterol per 100g.
  2. Contains minerals and vitamins (calcium, Vitamin A, Vitamin D, B vitamins).
  3. Contains organic ingredients.
  4. Not suitable for infants unless on the advice of a physician.

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