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Nutritional values ​​in Hana yellow corn


Nutritional values ​​in Hana yellow corn, It is a whole kernel of sweet corn that is completely naturally sweet. As no sugars have been added to this product.

Corn is a plant with bright yellow kernels. has many different uses, where it can be configured in more than one way, And for more than one purpose, It can be left in its original state. grill on fire, or he could waste his pills, drying them to make popcorn from them, The grains can also be preserved in water and salt to protect them from drying out. And use it as a delicious addition to a variety of foods.

Below we will discuss with you the nutritional values ​​of Hana yellow corn. As well as the food components included in the composition of corn Hana, And all the nutritional details related to this product in detail.


Ingredients of Hana yellow corn

  • sweet corn
  • water
  • the salt


Nutritional values ​​in Hana yellow corn

The calories in Hana yellow corn are in an amount of 340 gm, The quantity contained in the entire package is about 233.8 calories. And when it comes to macro calories, They are distributed as follows, 3.75 g total fat, and carbohydrates by 42.5 g, And there are proteins in the amount of 7.5 g.

On the flip side, The yellow corn package does not contain any saturated fat. or trans fats, or cholesterol, But Hana yellow corn contains sodium in the entire package of 575 mg.

Also, there is dietary fiber in the amount of 7.5 g. and sugars of 20 g, The product does not contain any added sugar.

Mentionsed, The product includes a group of vitamins and minerals such as vitamin C, vitamin B1, vitamin B2, And iron.


Notes on Hana Yellow Maize

  • The package of Hana yellow corn must be kept in a dry, moist place. Not exposing it to direct sunlight.
  • This product is vacuum packed.
  • The product does not contain any sugar additives.


From the aforementioned nutritional details, we will find that yellow corn from Hana can be safely consumed within a variety of diets. But taking into account not to overconsume it, because even, If it was a healthy food, will still contain calories, Consuming it more than normal means consuming a lot of calories. which ultimately leads to completely undesirable results with obesity, And her problems.


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