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Nutritional ingredients in Cream Caramel Greens


Cream Caramel Greens is one of the most popular Ramadan sweets , which is eaten frequently during the holy month and also on normal days. It is mainly made of sugar, which makes it full of calories.

In the following report, we will learn about the nutritional ingredients in Cream Caramel Greens, as well as the calories in this product in detail.


Calories in Cream Caramel Greens

The calories in this cream caramel in an amount of 141 gm are about 122.4 calories, The calories are distributed between carbohydrates 22.1 gm, and 4 g protein, and fat 2 g, and saturated fat 1.3 g.

There is also sodium, at 190 mg. and sugar by 19.4 g.


Ingredients for Cream Caramel Greens

  • sugar
  • 4% Stabilizer E407 Carrageenan (also a thickener)
  • E339
  • E450 Crane Material
  • E160B natural color (annatto)
  • E100 natural color curcumin
  • Artificial vanilla flavor

top layer

  • sugar
  • E150C caramel colour
  • E150D natural caramel colour
  • Industrial caramel flavor


How to prepare Creme Caramel Greens from a 70 gm bottle that is enough to prepare 4-5 meals

  1. Empty the liquid caramel sachet into a 575ml heart or into 4 shot glasses
  2. Heat 575ml of milk to almost boiling point
  3. Stir the milk with the contents of the caramel bag to the point of boiling, then bring it to a gentle boil for two minutes, while stirring constantly
  4. Gently pour the mixture into the mold and leave to cool
  5. After it cools down, put it in the refrigerator for 2-4 hours, then turn it over and serve it

Notes on Creme Caramel Greens

  1. Caramel cream contains two artificial flavors: Artificial vanilla flavor and artificial caramel flavor. It is known that the Food and Drug Administration allows this in light of the permitted quantities of artificial colors and flavors. But the last option is yours. Will you allow these ingredients to enter your body or your children’s body!!
  2. The calories and nutritional values ​​mentioned are for one meal (dish or serving cup) of 141 gm after being prepared and prepared from the mixture package of 70 gm. The package of the mixture before preparing it is sufficient for about 4-5 meals.
  3. Store in a cool dry place.
  4. Manufactured by Hosni Foodstuff Factories, Dubai, United Arab Emirates for Greens Desertsun, United Kingdom.
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