Calories in Milk and dairy products

Nutritional information in Al Khair Evaporated Milk


Al-Khair evaporated milk is similar to evaporated milk, free of milk fat and added vegetable fat from non-hydrogenated palm oil. This process is done in order to reduce costs to the last consumer.

In the midst of this topic, we will mention the nutritional information in evaporated milk. What are the components of evaporated milk, calories and other nutritional values ​​in the following food label?

Evaporated milk, how many calories in it?

Al-Khair Evaporated Milk contains 39.4 calories in 28 ml. Fat is 2.35g, carbohydrates are 2.8g, and protein is 1.8g.

Good evaporated milk ingredients

  • Skimmed cow’s milk
  • Palm oil (non-hydrogenated vegetable oil)
  • E339i monosodium phosphate (stabilizer)
  • E339 ii disodium phosphate (stabilizer)

Notes on Al Khair Evaporated Milk

  1. Made from skimmed milk, the milk fat has been replaced with vegetable fat from non-hydrogenated palm oil.
  2. Suitable for those with a gluten-free diet. low carb diet, low calorie diet, Low sodium diet.
  3. It covers the daily requirement of calcium by 6% in every 28 ml of Al-Khair evaporated milk.
  4. Store in a cool dry place
  5. After opening, keep in the refrigerator

Al-Khair Evaporated Milk is made in Holland for Al-Khair Trading Co. Ltd.

Other types of evaporated and concentrated milk

  1. Almarai milk is evaporated
  2. Saudi evaporated milk
  3. Puck Milk Concentrate
  4. Luna condensed milk
  5. Luna concentrated milk
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