Nesquik dolce gusto instant calories


Nesquik Dolce Gusto instant calories This company provided a practical solution, And fast for Nesquik chocolate lovers, Whereas, instead of preparing the milk in advance to combine it by spoonfuls, or two Nesquik powder, and then add sugar, All of these ingredients are combined together in one capsule that is placed in the machines for coffee capsules. And get this amazing hot chocolate drink.

Below we will provide a detailed explanation of the prices for this product. We will also separate the food label for that product, as we will get to know the ingredients from which this product was prepared in detail.

Nesquik dolce gusto instant calories

One capsule of Nesquik Dolce Gusto chocolate drink, weighing 16 grams, contains calories 67.7 calories, Macros calories within that product are distributed between carbohydrates of 8.6 grams, It is followed by protein at 2.7 grams. In the end, the fat comes in the amount of 2.5 grams, which is the highest percentage of calories.

Instant Nesquik Dolce Gusto

It is capsules of the famous Nesquik chocolate drink, whose ingredients combine milk powder and cocoa, It comes in the form of instant-release capsules. where the capsule can be put into the machine, And get a cup of Nesquik chocolate drink.

The nutritional ingredients in Nesquik Dolce Gusto Instant Pot

  • 51.7% full cream cow’s milk powder
  • sugar
  • 14.6% low-fat cocoa powder
  • natural colors ((dairy, vanilla, Caramel) )
  • Emulsifier of vegetable origin ((sunflower lecithin))
  • cinnamon
  • salt
  1. Unknown

Allergy notes

The product contains milk. may contain soy, This product is not suitable for people who are allergic to these food ingredients.

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Dolce Gusto
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From the above, we will find that the product is somewhat high in calories that it contains, Especially since it’s just a drink after all. It does not help to feel full. So if you are going to take it, you should not overdo it. Especially if it contains a lot of sugar. and carbohydrates.

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