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Nescafe Instant coffee Caramel is a quick coffee drink with caramel flavor that can be prepared by adding hot water to it, And sugar to taste.

Coffee is one of the distinctive caffeine drinks that can be consumed when you want to feel energized and focused, But recently many flavored coffee drinks have appeared that have taken her out of her usual frame phase.

It is true that this made it very delicious, But in fact this added more calories to the coffee which may affect the form of, or otherwise on your diet, Especially if you follow a specific diet like keto for example Or the lu carp.

In the following report, We will discuss with you the most prominent calories of Nescafe Caramel, We will learn about the most important details of the food label in order to identify all the food ingredients included in its details.


Calories in Nescafe Instant Coffee Caramel

Calories in Nescafe instant coffee caramel is 60 calories per sachet.


Ingredients for Nescafe instant coffee caramel

It is an instant coffee drink with caramel flavor

  • Coffee Creamer
  • Hydrogenated Palm Seed Oil
  • Skimmed cow’s milk powder
  • Corn syrup
  • Acidity regulators (E340)
  • Emulsion from industrial source E331iii
  • E452 Emulsion of industrial origin
  • Silicon dioxide (anti-caking)
  • sugar
  • [skim milk powder, maltodextrin, lactose, sodium caseinate (milk protein), coconut oil] (Foam Booster)
  • Instant coffeeIndustrial caramel flavor
  • salt


How to prepare Nescafe instant coffee caramel

  1. How to prepare Nescafe instant coffee caramel
  2. Add 180 ml of 80°C hot water to the Nescafe powder

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