Nadec Mixed Berry Nectar With Mixed Fruits

In the following report, we present the calories in Nadec, mixed berries nectar with mixed fruits, as berries are known to be light fruits on the stomach. It is distinguished by its forms, And its many colors, It contains many anti-cancer nutrients, so, Consuming it as a fruit on a regular basis is beneficial to health.

The calories in the mixed berries nectar Nadec are 97 calories, most of which are 98% sugars, which is very high !!

For more nutritional values in this type of nectar, please view the nutritional label below.

Mixed Berry Nectar with Mixed Fruits

Mixed Berry Nectar with Mixed Fruit Nectar (pasteurized, Reconfigured)


Nutritional ingredients in mixed raspberry nectar with mixed fruits

  • Purified water
  • Mixed Berry Juice Concentrate
  • Mixed Fruit Center (Raspberry, Cranberry, grape, apple, pear, Lemon)
  • Citric acid
  • vitamin C
  • Natural strawberry flavor
  • The flavor of the berries identical to the malleable
  • E 202 is a preservative of potassium sorbate
  • Fruit content 100%

Mixed Berry Nectar with Mixed Fruit Nectar (pasteurized, Reconfigured)

Juices should generally be consumed within a few limits within our diet. And it is better to replace it with natural fruit, Mostly it will not help a person feel full.

Although the mixed berries juice with mixed fruits provided by Nadec does not contain any fat, However, it also includes a carbohydrate percentage, so if you do eat it, it should be included within the carbohydrate levels that you are allowed to eat in your diet.

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