Nadec Lemon & Mint Nectar With Mixed Fruits

Lemon and mint are great drinks that when mixed together we get a wonderful and refreshing mixture. Today we will talk with you about what are the calories in Nadec, lemon nectar and mint with mixed fruits, in detail, Follow us.

Calories in Nadec Lemon Nectar, Mint and Mixed Fruits

Lemon & Mint Nectar With Mixed Fruit Nectar (Pasteurized, Reconstituted) contains 97 calories.

Ingredients of lemon and mint nectar

  • Purified water
  • 100% lemon juice concentrate
  • Mixed fruit juice concentrate (apple, grape, pear)
  • Citric acid
  • Natural mint flavor
  • Potassium sorbate (preservative)
  • 100% fruit content

Lemon & Mint Nectar With Mixed Fruit Nectar (Pasteurized, Reconfigured)

It is true that this drink is a wonderful drink, But at the same time it contains a high proportion of carbohydrates, So I beware of consuming it too much.

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