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Nada greek yogurt plain full fat small box


Greek yogurt nada plain full fat how many calories? Nada Plain Full Fat Greek Yogurt is a great and filling option as a snack between meals because it contains vitamin A, vitamin D and calcium.

Therefore, it can be adopted in many different diets, such as the calorie system, the keto diet, or lo-carp, and other systems, It is available on almost all systems.

In the following report, we will learn about the most important calories in Nada plain, full-fat Greek yogurt? We will also learn about its nutritional components in detail.

Greek yogurt nada plain full fat how many calories

Full-fat Greek yogurt from Nada contains 182.2 calories, most of which are from fat, at a rate of 63.2%, in the small box of 160 grams.

The calories are divided between 8 g carbohydrates, and fat 12.8 g, and 8.8 g protein, and there is calcium 184 mg, vitamin A 320 units, vitamin D 64 units, and sodium 64 mg.

In the event that you avoid fat and try to reduce it, we advise you to eat low-fat Greek yogurt

We also provided you with a guide that contains low-fat foods and another guide that contains high-protein foods

Plain full fat greek yogurt

Full fat greek yogurt 160g

Ingredients of Nada Greek Yogurt Plain Full Fat Nutrition:

  • Natural Cow’s Milk (Fresh Full Cream Milk)
  • Milk protein
  • Milk cream
  • initiator
  • salt
  • 8% fat as a minimum
  • 12% solids non-fat at least
  • 320 IU Vitamin A
  • 64 units of Vitamin D
  1. Prepared in the Greek way

  • Nada Greek Yogurt Plain Full Fat is made from fresh and natural full cream cow’s milk.
  • Full Cream Greek Yogurt from Nada should be kept refrigerated below 5°C.
  • Nada Greek yogurt produced by Al-Othman Company for Agricultural Production and Processing, Al-Khobar – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
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