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Kabsa mix calories from the feast


Kabsa mix calories from the feast, Instead of using lots and lots of ingredients that we are used to in preparing rice cake, This alternative is more than perfect. It saves you a lot of time. And effort by relying on this mixture only, With it, you will only need rice for the Kabsa. And only chicken.

In the following report, We will monitor what are the calories of the Kabsa mixture from the feast, In the same report, we will also learn about the most important detailed nutritional components of this product, And a lot of other nutritional information related to it.


Ingredients of the Kabsa mixture from the feast

  • onion
  • tomato
  • Soybean oil
  • salt
  • Tomato
  • spices (ginger, black pepper, cardamom, black lemon, cloves, cinnamon powder, red pepper, bay leaf, cumin, turmeric)
  • sugar
  • raisins
  • Monosodium glutamate
  • Red pepper extract
  • beef flavour
  • Caramel color E150D


Kabsa mix calories from the feast

The calories in the Kabsa mixture from the feast in an amount consisting of 50 gm are about 69.5 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that amount between total total fat 4.7 gm, and total carbohydrates 5.5 g, Plus 1.3 g proteins.

On the other hand, The product contains 0.75 gm of saturated fat. and trans fat of 0.05 g, The product does not contain any amount of cholesterol.

This one The product contains sodium by 1045 mg. It is a very high amount, As it constitutes 45% of the daily consumption needed by the body, And there is dietary fiber in that serving of 3.5 gm, Total sugars amounted to 3.1 gm, of which added sugar amounted to 0.25 gm.

Al-Walima Kabsa mix also contains 1.6 mg of iron. and potassium by 256.5 mg, This amount constitutes the equivalent of 13% of the daily consumption needed by the body.


Notes on the Kabsa mixture from the feast

  • Keep the feast mixture in a dry place. And cool out of the sun.
  • Refrigerate after opening. And used within 7 days.
  • The product contains soy. Therefore, it may cause allergic reactions for people who are allergic to that food ingredient.


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