Is indomie healthy?

Who among us does not love that witch with her corrugated threads, with a taste that captivates our senses? Which the children loved more than the adults. It is the instant noodles or as the Arabs called it the indomie for all the instant noodles products. Any instant noodles in the world, regardless of their type or company, we call them “Indomie”, that name that has been associated with our minds since childhood, I do not know why !!?? Is the absence of another competitor at that time, or the strength of the company’s marketing, or its enchanting taste, a reason behind this? Mother for chinese salt Aji no moto is a strong reason for the existence of this magic!!

What is Chinese salt or (Ji ni moto) flavor enhancer E621?

Is indomie healthy?
Is indomie healthy?
Professor Kikunai Ikeda succeeded in separating glutamic acid as a new flavoring substance in 1908 from the seaweed Laminaria japonica, kombu, by aqueous extraction and crystallization, This taste was called umami . He noticed that the Japanese broth of katsubushi and kombu had a unique taste that had not been scientifically described at the time and that it was different from sweet, salty, sour, and bitter.


What is umami!!?

When we taste foods, We discover the sense of kindness using all five senses, such as smell, sight, and touch. Naturally, Taste is the deciding factor. The important factors for food acceptability are the taste of “sweetness”, “sourness”, “salty”, “bitterness” and “ umami “, Which is known as the basic taste. The main taste is an independent taste that cannot be found even though other flavors are combined. Umami is unpleasant in and of itself. But it does make a wide variety of foods taste delicious. Especially when there are identical scents.

What is umami!!?
What is umami!!? Which is present with the indomie


Where is umami in our food?
Where is umami in our food?


What is the truth about the harm of flavor enhancer (Aji no moto) E621

Although there are a lot of rumors circulating about the harm of the flavor enhancer or (Aji no Moto) E621, And it causes some symptoms such as:

منشور انستقرام بيج تطبيق تسوق
  • headache;
  • sweating;
  • increased heart rate;
  • High sugar.

However, international studies confirmed the safety of this product from these symptoms, And it is classified as safe uses. I will tell you a secret: Tomatoes, some cheeses, and meats naturally contain Chinese salt study source

The truth about Chinese salt (Aji no moto) and stupidity!!

We will not talk scientifically about this point or talk about studies in this regard. But we will make the final here is the logic!!? Yes, logic, in addition to the method of observation, let us ask ourselves this question: Who are the smartest people on Earth with high IQs? Here I will mention to you this statistic which says that the first 6 countries whose population has high IQ rates are Asian countries

They are: Hong Kong, Singapore, South Korea, Japan, China and finally Taiwan. And if we notice that the majority of their food contains Chinese salt, but that the instant noodles are one of the dishes that are prepared and eaten daily. This is conclusive evidence that instant noodles products do not cause stupidity, but I doubt that whoever launched this rumor has that characteristic.

So, it turns out to us from the previous lines that the secret of the magic of the taste of instant noodles of all kinds, whether indomie or instant Maggi noodles, is Chinese salt, specifically the “umami taste” and that Chinese salt is not harmful to human health, as some studies mentioned.

But to be honest, some studies have mentioned that some people may develop allergies as a result of eating Chinese salt. Like some people who are allergic to bananas, fish or even milk, and they are not many.

If indomie is harmless!

Don’t rush my friends, we still have plenty of time لدينا

Instant noodles are okay, But the way it is prepared in the factory may seem unhealthy, Where the instant noodles are fried with hydrogenated palm oil!! As you know about the harmful effects of hydrogenated oils, it is necessary to dispose of these oils. To get rid of these oils, follow our method for preparing instant noodles or whatever you call them.


How to prepare noodles in a healthy and delicious way

  1. Boil the instant noodles in the microwave for 5 minutes (microwave power 700 watts)
  2. After you take it out of the microwave, you will notice the appearance of fat on the vermicelli water. Immediately drain it from the water.
  3. Bring tawa and fry sticks of butter or replace it with healthy olive oil.
  4. Add boiled vermicelli with your favorite vegetables, And stir for five minutes on medium heat.
  5. Add the spices after finishing and serve the vermicelli hot and well.

Watch this video of how to prepare noodles in a healthy and delicious way


Get to know calories in indomie

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