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Indian white Abukass amber rice calories


Indian white Abukass amber rice calories, It is a long-grain basmati rice that is characterized by its light, delicious taste. The volume of this rice quadruples after cooking. It can be used in making biryani, And other famous rice dishes.

In the following, we will take you on an educational tour through which we will learn about what is Indian white basmati rice, Abu Kas Anbar Peshawar, In addition to a number of other nutritional details that we will address for that product.

Nutritional components in Indian white Abukass amber rice calories

  • Long grain white rice


Indian white Abukass amber rice calories

The calories in Amber Abukass rice in an amount of 100 gm are about 358 calories, Macros calories are distributed among carbohydrates, amounting to 79.54 gm, and 8.45 g of protein, and fat of 0.57 g.

Amber Abukass Basmati rice also contains 1.20 gm of dietary fiber. It does not contain any amount of cholesterol. But it includes a group of vitamins, Minerals, including iron, amounted to 1.6 mg. and thiamine by 0.24 mg, and riboflavin by 0.2 mg, and niacin 3.0 mg.


Notes on Indian white basmati rice, Abu Kass Amber

  • Basmati rice is kept in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight so that it does not deteriorate.
  • This rice is steamed before it is peeled. For thin and long grains of rice with a distinctive taste.
  • This rice is harvested from the foothills of the Himalayas, It has been prepared with the utmost care and the highest quality standards.

Rice in general, whether it is related to this product that we are going to talk about provided by Abu Kass, or other different types of rice, It is high in calories. And it contains a large proportion of carbohydrates, which should be concerned about overdoing it. Therefore, the consumption of this product must be greatly rationed so as not to be exposed to obesity due to excessive consumption.

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