How to increase fat burning in your body through metabolism


In every house there is a brother or sister who eats little and gains weight quickly, or vice versa, who eats a lot and burns quickly and loses weight. Sometimes two people eat the same food, but one is skinny and the other is overweight!! Well, why does this happen to them!! What is the reason!?

The reason is mostly something called metabolism that controls the level of burning in our bodies!! In order to learn more about the method of burning fat, we leave you with our next topic.


What is metabolism (calorie burning)?

Metabolism or metabolism is a set of chemical reactions within your body that keep you alive and convert your food into energy that makes your organs function normally, for example: respiration, digestion and excretion, These chemical processes require energy, the minimum of which is called the basal metabolic rate (BMR). It can be calculated via the link , the basal metabolic rate represents 80% of the daily energy requirements.

In short, metabolism or metabolism means the process of burning calories inside your body so that it can perform its vital functions such as: Respiration, digestion and excretion… Etc. And the BMR means the minimum calories your body needs while you are sitting without doing anything in order to carry out its vital functions

How do I increase the burning of my body?

The more calories your body burns, the easier it is to lose weight, and a high metabolism rate helps speed up weight loss. For this, here are the best ways to increase metabolism and burn in your body:

1. Eat enough protein

Eating protein helps to feel full and to increase burning in the body for a few hours due to the thermal effect of food that we talked about in a previous article.

2. Drink plenty of water

Replacing sugary drinks with water helps to reduce the calories consumed during the day . Drinking water with meals also helps to reduce the volume of food consumed during the meal. Water helps to temporarily increase metabolism, which leads to weight loss.

3. Doing high intensity exercises and resistance exercises

HIIT exercises and resistance exercises help burn more calories and fats in your body even after completing the exercise, which increases the metabolic rate.

You may be interested in knowing the difference between resistance and cardio exercises

4. Sit less

Sitting for a long time affects your health and the health of your spine and reduces your body burn, which leads to weight gain at times. Therefore, we recommend sitting for less time and trying to move more during the day.

5. Drink green tea

This headline may sound a bit cliché, but it’s true, as studies have shown Drinking green tea increases metabolism by 4-5% and helps convert stored fats into free acids. Green tea is like water, it fills the stomach and makes you feel less hungry (read about the benefits of green tea for weight loss ).

6. Eat spicy foods

Eating hot spices and peppers helps boost metabolism due to the presence of capsaicin in them and is said to burn 7 to 10 extra calories per serving.

7. Get enough sleep

Scientists often associate lack of sleep with weight gain because of its effect on metabolism and its boosting of the hunger hormone. Sleep helps burn about 50 calories per hour.

8. Stress

Chronic stress and fatigue can lead to increased storage of body fat, especially belly fat, and also lead to lack of sleep, which increases the hunger hormone.

9. Increase iron and iodine intake

Iron and iodine intake helps maintain thyroid health, maintain metabolism, and reduce your chance of developing hypothyroidism. Learn about foods that contain iron

10. Avoid crash diets

Extreme diets based on a few calories make you lose a large amount of muscle, which helps to raise your metabolism, so your body burns less.

Why is my body burning fat so slowly?!

It is important to maintain a high metabolism in the body, but there are many common mistakes that we make in our lifestyle that slow down the metabolism and fat burning and make you more likely to gain weight, and sometimes these reasons are uncontrollable. Reasons for slow burning of the body:

  • Eat fewer calories for a long time

Eating fewer calories for a long time reduces the level of burning in the body.

  • getting old

Metabolism decreases with age and makes the weight loss journey more difficult. That is why doctors always recommend that you lose excess weight and reach your healthy weight before reaching the age of 40.

  • Hypothyroidism _

Hypothyroidism results in slowed down metabolism and affects the whole body.

  • genes

Some people have a genetically slow metabolism, so the best solution in this case is to exercise and focus on your eating and sleeping.

  • Hormones and sugar

Hormonal imbalance and diabetes can slow down your metabolism.

Lack of vitamins in the body leads to slower burning and a feeling of constant fatigue.

  • some medicine

There are some medications that reduce body burning, so you should be careful and read about all the medications you take.

Foods that help increase body burning

Wrong lifestyle behaviors can lead to slow metabolism and weight gain over time Making small lifestyle changes and incorporating the tips above into your routine may help you boost your metabolism and lose or maintain your weight. Some foods help to slightly increase the metabolic rate and increase the number of calories you burn during a meal. Therefore, eating them regularly may cause weight loss or maintenance. Examples of these foods are:

  • Foods rich in minerals and rich in protein
  • coffee
  • dialogue
  • legumes
  • ginger
  • seaweed

These foods are just a simple helper, that is, they will not make you magically lose weight while you eat more than your calorie needs, they will only increase your body’s burning rate.

Learn about the benefits of the keto diet and the benefits of fasting in burning fat

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