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How many calories in sunbulah asian paratha


How many calories in Sunbulah Asian Paratha? Asian paratha is a food product made of wheat flour with vegetable margarine (meaning hydrogenated) and some other ingredients that you can find below.

Below is a list of all the calories in Paratha Asian from Sunbulah, as well as a breakdown of the most important food ingredients from which it is prepared.

How many calories in sunbulah asian paratha

The calories in the Asian paratha are 238.8 calories, most of which are from carbohydrates, with a percentage of 67.8%. Followed by fats at 30.2% and finally protein at 2%.

Calories are distributed in grams in an amount of 80 gm, about 40.5 gm of carbohydrates. and 1.2 g protein, and fat 8 g, and saturated fat 6.9 g, and sodium 202 mg, and sugar 3.2 g.


Ingredients of Sunbulah Asian Paratha

  • Wheat flour
  • water
  • sugar
  • salt

Vegan margarine

  • Palm oil (refined vegetable oil)
  • Soybean oil (refined vegetable oil)
  • water
  • Salt
  • E471 Oil Emulsion of Plant Origin
  • E451 is an oil emulsifier of vegetable origin
  • Soy Lecithin E322
  • E 202 Preservative
  • E330 acidity regulator
  • Natural butter flavor and identical to natural
  • E160A food colouring
  • E319 antioxidant
  • E900 antifoam


How to prepare Sunbulah Asian paratha

  1. Paratha pie comes out of the cover
  2. Place the Sunbulah Paratha Meshaltet in a hot frying pan at 160°C
  3. Press the Sunbulah pancake gently for 1 minute to a minute and a half, then flip
  4. Press again until golden brown

Notes on Sunbulah Asian Paratha Feteer

  • Allergy information: This food product contains gluten from wheat, soy, may contain traces of nuts, Peanuts and nuts.
  • Sunbulah Asian Paratha Feteer Meshaltet does not contain genetically modified materials.
  • Sunbulah pie is free of trans fats.
  • Sunbulah Feteer Paratha Meshaltet does not contain any pork products.
  • Store at -18°C and if thawed, do not re-freeze.
  • Made in UAE for Sunbulah
  • The baked Asian Sunbulah paratha contains 202 mg of sodium.
  • This sodium intake covers 9% of a normal person’s upper limit for the day.
  • For patients with heart, kidney and high blood pressure, it covers 11.2% of the upper limit per day.

Some of the food products that are sweetened with Asian paratha:

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