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How many calories does cheddar cheese have?


How many calories does cheddar cheese have? Freshko Cheddar Cheese is a puffed, non-animal cooked cheddar cheese. It has many diverse uses. Where it can be used in its original form naturally, Or use it as an ingredient in food ingredients in various foods, such as preparing sauces, or as an ingredient in a particular sandwich, And other other ways.

Below we will analyze the most important nutritional details of this product and its nutritional values. We will also learn about the calories in Cheddar Cheese Fresco accurately.

How many calories does cheddar cheese have?

The calories in Freshko Cheddar Cheese are 30.8 calories in a teaspoon of 10 gm. It is high in fat, as the percentage of fat from the total calories is 73%, the percentage of protein is 20.8%, and the percentage of carbohydrates is 4.5%.

The calories in grams are distributed between carbohydrates 0.35 gm, and 1.6 g protein, and fat 2.5 g, and cholesterol 6.24 mg, and sodium 61 mg.

Freshko cheddar cheese 10 gm

Processed cheddar cheese

  • Processed cheddar cheese (non-animal rennet)
  • Added water
  • 45% milk fat in dry matter
  • E339 (mineral salts)
  • E331 (mineral salts)
  • E452 (mineral salts)
  • Milk solids and protein
  • salt
  • E407 Carrageenan Stabilizer
  • Guar gum stabilizer E412
  • E234 preservative
  • E 202 Preservative
  1. Processed cheddar cheese

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Notes on Freshko Cheddar Cheese

  • Cheddar cheese should be kept refrigerated between 2-25 degrees Celsius.
  • After opening, keep refrigerated at a temperature below 5°C.
  • Manufactured in the UAE by Karwan Dairy Factory.

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