How many calories are in French coffee Barn Cafe 1 sachet


French coffee occupies a high position among other types of coffee, It is mixed with hazelnuts and milk to give a delicious taste, especially with sugar.

Of course, coffee is one of the low-calorie drinks, But this is if the coffee is limited to its original image only, If mixed with other additives, then calorie calculation will be completely different. So in the following report, we will learn about this calorie calculation in detail.

Calories in French Coffee Barn Cafe

One sachet of French coffee Barn Cafe contains 102 calories, half of which are carbohydrates only, 40% fat and the remaining 10% protein.

The calories of macrose in that amount are distributed in grams between carbohydrates of 13 g, and fat in the amount of 4.5 g, and protein in the amount of 2.4 g.

The product also includes saturated fat of 2.2 g, and trans fat by 0.1 g, sodium in the amount of 41 mg, and fiber of 5.9 g, As well as sugar in the amount of 2.1 g

Ingredients for French Coffee from Barn Cafe

  • Roasted Arabica Coffee
  • Milk Powder
  • SPD 35 (Bleached)
  • barley
  • Hazelnut flavor
  • E150A (color caramel)

How to prepare French coffee

  1. Empty the contents of the French coffee envelope into a medium pot
  2. Add to content 130 ml (cup) of hot water and sugar to taste and stir while boiling
  3. and enjoy it

Keep French coffee Barn Cafe in a dry and cool place away from direct sunlight

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