How many calories are in Fork and Spoon Ghee?


How many calories are in Fork and Spoon Ghee? It is a ghee that is used in cooking food. or brown it, or fry it. Ghee is not a food in itself. It is a fatty substance that helps to cook food. So when calculating its calories, you must take into account the original calories of the food itself, with which you will put obesity.

It should be noted, Not all types of obesity are the same in calories. It varies according to the type of obesity. and their detailed nutritional ingredients, But ghee is usually high in calories. A teaspoon of it could mean a lot of calories without you realizing it. That is why you must pay attention to this point well.

In the following, we will learn together how many calories are in the fork and spoon ghee, What are the food ingredients included in its composition? Plus nutritional details related to this product.


Food ingredients in fork and spoon ghee

  • 100% pure palm oil


How many calories are in Fork and Spoon Ghee?

The calories in butter fork and spoon in an amount of 14 gm are about 126 calories, Macros calories in that amount are distributed between carbohydrates of 0 gm, and 0 g protein, There is a total fat of 14g.

Mentionsed, That the product does not contain any amount of cholesterol, or trans fats, But it includes a group of vitamins, metals thereof, Vitamin A 350 IU, and vitamin D by 28 units, And there is vitamin E by 5.6 mg.


Notes on Fork and Spoon Ghee

  • Fork and Spoon Ghee is not hydrogenated.
  • Ghee is cholesterol free.
  • Keep the ghee in a dry place. and refrigerate away from it to protect it from damage.
  • Free from genetically modified ingredients.

These were the most important details related to the most famous types of ghee in the Kingdom. It is the butter of the fork, the spoon, From the aforementioned, we will find that a teaspoon of it contains a lot of calories. That is why the amount that will be eaten must be rationed to avoid consuming unnecessary calories without realizing it.

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