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Hero Popcorn with Cheese How many calories


Cheese-flavored hero popcorn is made with corn puffs with vegetable palm oil as well as a cheese flavor similar to the natural flavor.

The calories in Hero Cheese Popcorn are 115 calories. Fat also makes up 54.8% of total calories, Then carbohydrates by 38.3% and finally protein by 7%.

Hero Popcorn With Cheese

Popcorn prepared with air, not oil

Ingredients for cheese popcorn

  • Corn bulbous
  • Olein palm oil (vegetable oil)

Cheese flavor similar to nature:

  • Whey powder
  • salt
  • Meltodextrin corn
  • E621 Flavor Enhancer
  • Potato Meltodextrin
  • Citric Acid E 330
  1. Cheese champ popcorn prepared with air pressure

  • Keep away from sunlight, moisture and pungent odors.
  • Cheese flavored hero popcorn made in Saudi Arabia.
  • Popcorn Hero produced by the National Company for the manufacture of biscuits and sweets Ltd., Jeddah – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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