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Herfy calories


calories in herfy, One of the topics of interest to food lovers in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and its visitors.

Where the Herfy fast food restaurant offers many delicious and delicious meals with high calories.

herfy restaurant, One of the oldest restaurants in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Where its history extends for more than 37 years, And the restaurant chain has turned into a leading Arab company.

Hervey Restaurant was able to achieve successes one after the other in the high-end fast food sector and the production of bread, pastries and sweets.

Herfy Food Services Company was established in 1981 by Mr. Ahmed Al-Saeed, Mr. Hammoud Al-Ibrahim, General Manager of Panda United Company at the time.

In the same year, The first fast food restaurant of that company was opened in Riyadh.

In addition, with the transfer of management of the company from one person to another, From one administrative body to another.

The leading company has managed to transform itself into the first integrated food service company in the Kingdom.

Through the establishment of world-class restaurants and bakeries, In addition to a modern factory for the production and processing of meat.

In the following article, we explain in detail the number of calories in Herfy and the high-calorie meals and their ingredients.

Herfy calories

Hervey Restaurant offers many fast food and sandwiches that are preferred by adults and children.

Although it contains a significant number of calories, However, these meals are very popular among the restaurant crowd in Saudi Arabia.

The meals that Herfy Restaurant provides to its customers are divided into a group of different foods, such as burger sandwiches.

In addition, there are chicken meals, In addition to children’s meals, as well as the authorities, In addition to a special section for pizza of all kinds.

In the following lines, we explain a number of the components of these meals. How many calories are in herfy.


Calories in Herfy – Burger sandwiches

Hervey Restaurant offers a variety of burger sandwiches. They differ among themselves in size and components. And of course the price.

and all the burgers, The one that will be on the following list is served with a packet of fries and a Pepsi can.

Where the small size of French fries contains 450 calories, And 6 grams of saturated fat and 6 grams of unsaturated fat, and 57 grams of carbohydrates.

As for a 355 ml Pepsi can, it contains 145 calories.

And now to the burgers, And the details of its ingredients and the number of calories in it.


Turkish burger sandwich

This sandwich contains soft bread, In addition to a grilled piece of beef, Added to it mayonnaise and Turkish cheese.

The number of calories in that meal is 1135 calories. And that at a price of 24 Saudi riyals.


Large Herfy burger with cheese

This burger consists of a large patty of grilled beef patty topped with vegetables, fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise.

In addition to a slice of delicious Swiss cheese, This sandwich contains 1203 calories. At a price of 19 Saudi riyals.


Double Herfy sandwich

This sandwich contains two slices of char-grilled beef. Separating them from each other and from the vegetables are two slices of Swiss cheese.

The number of calories in this sandwich is 1402 calories. And that at a price of 21 Saudi riyals.


Super Herfy sandwich

It is a sandwich with the same ingredients as the big Herfy sandwich with cheese. But in a larger size than roast beef, with a number of calories reaching 1376, At a price of 21 riyals.


Calories in Herfy – Chicken Burger

Regular chicken burger sandwich

The regular chicken burger sandwich consists of a large fried chicken patty with a slice of cheese, vegetables and cheese mayonnaise.

This sandwich contains 1208 calories. Its price is 21 riyals.


Super chicken sandwich

This sandwich consists of a large fried chicken slice, toast, With vegetables and delicious swiss cheese.

Moreover, it contains 1394 calories. At a price of 24 riyals.


Super chili chicken

This sandwich contains a large piece of chicken. kalbanian fried, And added tomatoes and fresh vegetables.

The calories of this sandwich reach 1347 calories, at 23 riyals.


Chili chicken sandwich

This sandwich includes a large slice of chicken fried in oil, With vegetables and fresh tomatoes.

Where all these ingredients are stuffed between two slices of soft bread, It contains 1237 calories at 20 riyals.

It is worth noting that all of these previous meals can be obtained in combo size. or double size.

Which means double the calories you get from those meals.


Herfy chicken meals

All Herfy Chicken Meals, The one that will be on the following list is served with a packet of fries and a Pepsi can.

Moreover, the small size of French fries contains 450 calories. In addition, Pepsi was 355 ml, containing 145 calories.


Nawam chicken meal

The meal consists of 7 pieces of delicious crunchy fried chicken with sauce, fries and Pepsi can.

In addition, whoever eats this meal should prepare to get 1221 calories. At a price of 19 riyals.


Herfy chicken wrap meal

This meal consists of two giant sandwiches on a bun with two large pieces of chicken in each sandwich, mayonnaise, Swiss cheese and vegetables.

All this gives you 1050 calories in a regular meal. And in the hot meal 1007 calories.


Herfy grilled chicken tortilla calories

It is a wrapped tortilla containing pieces of small chicken grilled on charcoal with vegetables.

In addition to the usual additions of potato and Pepsi baguettes, It gives its owner 1164 calories.

In addition, there is another option for the same meal, With grilled chicken replaced with fried fillet fish, It also gives its owner 1144 calories. Note that the two meals are the same price, which is 21 Saudi riyals.


Chicken tortilla

This meal consists of 4 pieces of pan fried chicken, With vegetables, fresh tomatoes and mayonnaise wrapped in Syrian bread, At a price of 23 Saudi riyals, And 1332 calories.


Indian burger

It is about a fried chicken burger sandwich with vegetables and fresh tomatoes, It also gives its owner 1049 calories at 24 riyals.


grilled chicken

This meal is available in the form of a sandwich consisting of grilled chicken on charcoal with fresh vegetables. stuffed.

Moreover, the filling is in the middle of two slices of toasted bread with sesame seeds. It also gives its owner 1172 calories at 20 Saudi riyals.


Roast chicken and bran bread

This meal comes in the form of a toasted sesame sandwich. made of bran bread, It also contains a slice of grilled chicken, with a number of calories up to 1174 calories. And the price is 21 Saudi riyals.


Herfy fish fillet

This meal contains a sandwich of fried fish fillet, It gives its owner 1189 calories at 20 Saudi riyals.


Calories in Herfy – Kids Meals

all children’s meals, The one that will be on the following list is served with a packet of fries and a Pepsi can. But in smaller sizes than adult meals.

In addition, some exciting gifts are offered to children. with these meals.


Chicken burger meal

The Herfy chicken burger meal consists of a small sandwich of fried chicken and fresh vegetables. And soft living without sesame.

This meal also contains 572 calories. And its price reaches 14 Saudi riyals.


Chicken nuggets meal

This meal contains 6 small pieces of delicious crispy fried chicken, in addition to the usual toppings. at a price of 13 riyals, And the number of calories up to 668 calories.


Cheeseburger meal

This meal comes in the form of a burger sandwich with Swiss cheese, delicious sauce and mayonnaise, at a price of 12 riyals. And the number of calories is 722 calories.


Herfy beef burger meal calories

This meal includes a burger sandwich of grilled meat with fresh vegetables and tomatoes, at a price of 10 riyals. And the number of calories in a Herfy burger is 680 calories.


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