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Half fried french fries calories


Calories in the ambassador’s half-fried potatoes, which are one of the types of potatoes loved by many, French fries are a popular meal that can be eaten anytime and anywhere. It is suitable for breakfast. and on food, And even at dinner. It can also be taken on its own. Or it can be taken with the main meal.

Potatoes have been known since ancient times. Despite the successive years of its existence, Even today, fried potatoes in all their forms are very popular. It is widely consumed all over the world. And there are some countries that consider it one of the list of basic foods that cannot be dispensed with, just like bread in some other countries.

In the following report, a detailed explanation of what are the calories in half-fried ambassador potatoes, in addition to other details related to that type of potato of that brand, So stay tuned.

Calories in Elsafier French fries half fried

Ambassador potatoes, half fried, contain calories in every 100 grams, estimated at 128.2 calories.

In general, the amount of total fat in that quantity is about 3.8 grams, or (5%) of the daily requirement. There are saturated fats about 1.9 grams, or (10%) of the daily requirement. There is also a trans fat of 0.02 grams, The product does not contain any cholesterol in it.

on the other hand, The product contains 24 mg of sodium, i.e. (1%) of the daily requirement, in its nutritional value. There are total carbohydrates amounting to 21 grams, or (8%) of the daily need.

There is also dietary fiber in the amount of 2.3 grams, or (8%) of the daily requirement. As for the amount of total sugars found in half-fried ambassador potatoes, it is less than 0.2 grams. The product does not contain any added sugar. And the amount of protein in it is about 2.5 grams.

The food ingredients in the ambassador potato are half fried

  • 100% Natural Selected Potatoes
  • Palm

How to prepare

Gradually place the frozen potatoes in the hot oil (175°C) for 3 or 4 minutes or until golden.

Storage information

The storage temperature for half-fried ambassador potatoes varies based on how long they will be stored. It is as follows.

  • (-6 ° C) storage period is one week.
  • (-12 ° C) storage period is one month.
  • (-18 ° C) Storage period until the end of the validity period.


Ambassador potatoes are half-fried potatoes in the traditional way, frozen.

These were the most important details related to the calories in half-fried ambassador potatoes, and you can consume them, but within your daily calorie limit, And don’t overdo it so you don’t get fat.

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