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Green Farms tuna calories in olive oil


Green Farms tuna calories in olive oil It consists of light tuna pieces placed in olive oil. In general, Tuna is considered one of the healthiest fish that can be eaten in almost all diets that aim to lose weight. It is light on the stomach. helps to feel full, It does not contain many calories.

However, it should be noted that not all tuna calories are the same for all brands. It varies from one brand to another. Even the same brand may differ from one tuna product to another. This depends on the solution in which the tuna was placed for preservation. sometimes it is put in water, This is the lowest calorie type. And other times they are applied with regular oil, And here the calories will definitely go up, Today we have tuna in olive oil.

Below we will discuss with you what are the most important calories of Green Farms tuna in olive oil, As well as what are the detailed food ingredients from which this product was fully prepared, And detailed.


Ingredients of Green Farms tuna in olive oil

  • Cooked light meat tuna
  • Olive
  • water
  • vegetable broth
  • salt


Green Farms tuna calories in olive oil

The calories in Nona Green Farms olive oil in an amount of 170 gm are about 344.8 calories, Macros calories are distributed in that amount as follows: between a total fat of 20.4 g, and carbohydrates by 1.19 g, And there are proteins in the amount of 39.1 g.

On the flip side, The product contains saturated fat of 3.06 g. It does not contain trans fats. But tuna contains 68 mg of cholesterol. And sodium by 612 mg.

This one Green Farms tuna in olive oil does not contain any dietary fiber. Or total sugars, which are suitable for those who follow the keto diet.


Notes on Green Farms Tuna in Olive Oil

  • Green Farms tuna must be kept in a dry place. And cool out of direct sunlight so that it does not deteriorate.


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