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Greek yogurt drink Nada with pomegranate, how many calories


The calories in Nada Greek Yogurt Drink with Pomegranate are 317 calories, mostly from carbohydrates and protein. The proportions of basic nutritional values ​​out of total calories are:

  • Fat content 18.7%
  • Carbohydrate content 47.4%
  • 34.1% protein

Nada Greek yogurt with pomegranate is considered a snack, especially after exercise, as it contains 27 gm of protein. And 37 grams of carbohydrates and 8 grams of fiber.

Not only that, but it also contains moderate and appropriate amounts of vitamins and minerals. I will not dwell on you, I leave you with the food card below, with notes.

Greek yogurt drink nada with pomegranate

Low fat greek yogurt drink

  • 100% fresh milk from natural cow’s milk
  • At least 2% fat
  • At least 8.2% non-fat solids
  • Milk protein
  • Fruits and juice concentrate of pomegranate
  • Black carrot juice concentrate
  • Apple and grape juice concentrate
  • Natural pomegranate flavour
  • E330 Citric acid
  • E1422 (stabilizer)
  • E440 (stabilizer)
  • Sodium citrate crystals E331 (acidity regulator)
  • E202 is a preservative of potassium sorbate
  • 128 IU Vitamin D
  • 640 IU Vitamin A
  1. Shake well before opening

Notes on Nada greek yogurt drink with pomegranate

  1. A great option for those who want a high amount of protein in a quick and easy meal.
  2. Low fat as it contains less fat.
  3. Contains no added sugars.
  4. Adequate coverage of vitamins A and D plus calcium and potassium.
  5. Contains a moderate amount of carbohydrates and sugars (for less carbs: plain greek yogurt drink ).
  6. High amount of fiber because it contains pomegranate fruits.
  7. No artificial colors or flavours.
  8. Keeps dew protein refrigerated
  9. Greek yogurt drink, homogenized and pasteurized dew protein
  10. Greek yogurt drink nada treated with ultra high heat
  11. Nada Protein is produced by Al-Othman Company for Agricultural Production and Processing, Al-Khobar, Saudi Arabia.

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