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Goody Light Tuna In Sunflower Oil 185 gm


Goody Light Tuna in Sunflower Oil 185g, There is no doubt that tuna is one of the most important meals that are always prescribed in any diet aimed at reducing weight, They are a great ally for many diets, It can be consumed in the calorie system, As well as the lu carb system, Even the keto diet, and other diverse diets.

In the following report, we will discuss with you one of the most famous types of tuna that is consumed in abundance within our Arab world, Namely, Goody Tuna, Where we will learn about the most important calories included in Goody tuna mixed with sunflower oil, And the most important nutritional components included in its package, So stay tuned.


Calories in Goody Tuna Light in Sunflower Oil

The calories in Goody light tuna in sunflower oil are 404 calories in a package of 185 gm. The calories of macrose are distributed between protein by 49.03 g, is the highest amount among calories, followed by fat at 22.7 g, In the end, carbohydrates come in at 0.93 g, Which is a very small amount.

The product also includes trans fat of 0.18 g, and sodium in the amount of 721.5 mg.


Light Goody Tuna Ingredients in Sunflower Oil

  • Light cooked tuna meat
  • Sunflower oil
  • salt

Goody tuna is rich in protein, Try using Tuna with olive oil or Tuna with chili

Try using white basmati rice from Punjabi Almuhaidib

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