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Fash Fash, how many calories


Fash Fash Puff or Fash Fash Potatoes as some like to call it, even though it does not contain potatoes!!

Fish Fash was manufactured for the first time in 1982 AD in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by the Fish Fash Factory Company for Foodstuffs, It is made from groats and cornmeal. And some other ingredients, including hydrogenated soy protein!!


Calories in Fish Fash

The calories in the red fish fash with its folds are 61.8 calories, Carbohydrates constitute the highest percentage of calories at 51.8%, followed by fats at 43.7%, and then protein at 4.5%.

For more nutritional information in an old fish, we leave you with the nutritional card below. Also, do not forget to comment and post, if you please.

Get to know the hot Fash Fash calories


Notes on the red fish fash

  1. It is suitable as a nice snack because it is low in calories.
  2. Fash Fash Red is low in carbs, fat and sodium.
  3. suitable for vegans (vegetarians), Note that it contains lactose.
  4. Hydrogenated product as it contains hydrolyzed soy protein.
  5. Made in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


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