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Egyptian mashed beans calories


Egyptian mashed beans calories, Egyptian beans are one of the most famous Egyptian foods that we always find on the Egyptian breakfast table. It is a meal rich in fiber, protein, It helps satiety for long periods of time. That is why many choose to start their day in the morning in order to avoid feeling hungry until the time for lunch. This meal has spread in the Arab market as well. As it is no longer monopolized by the Egyptian market, It can be found in any major supermarket.

In the following report, Together, we will learn about what are the most important calories of mashed Egyptian beans, We will also learn about all the nutritional details related to this mashed fava beans with cumin and lemon completely, So stay tuned.


Ingredients for mashed Egyptian beans

  • First class beans
  • water
  • Sunflower oil
  • salt
  • Tomato paste
  • sugar
  • Caramel color
  • cumin
  • chili
  • Citric acid (acidity regulator)
  • disodium
  • Calcium edetate (E358) for color preservation


Egyptian mashed beans calories

The calories of mashed Egyptian beans provided by California Garden in an amount of half a cup, which is equivalent to 130 gm, are about 108 calories. The nutritional values ​​within that portion are distributed as follows between a total of 4 gm of fat, and total carbohydrates of 13 g, There is 5g of protein.

On the other hand, This bean contains 1g of saturated fat. It does not contain any trans fats. or cholesterol, However, it contains 640 mg of sodium, which is equivalent to 28% of the daily requirement.

There is also a serving of this mashed Egyptian bean with dietary fiber in the amount of 4 g, It is a large amount estimated at 14% of the daily requirement. and there is sugar in 1gm, and added sugar in the amount of 1 g.


Notes of mashed Egyptian beans

  • This product may contain traces of sesame and sodium sulfite (E221). Therefore, if you are allergic to these food ingredients, you should avoid consuming this food product.
  • The Egyptian bean package must be kept in a dry place. and cool to protect it from damage.
  • The product is free from artificial flavors.
  • The product is rich in proteins. and dietary fiber
  • California Garden Beans are gluten free.


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