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Dolce gusto mocha calories


Mocha Dolce Gusto Calories There is no doubt that mocha is one of the special drinks that many around the world love. The origin of the name goes back to a coastal city located in western Yemen. It was known as the bunker. It was specialized in exporting the finest types of coffee beans in the world. From there, coffee was exported to all countries of the world. Therefore, coffee was known by the name of the city that exported it. But over time the word has been corrupted, And it turned into a mocha.

Certainly, the drink in our current era has changed a lot. However, he did not abandon the fact that it contains coffee, which is the basis of the drink itself. In any case, many nutritional ingredients were added to it that took it out of the regular coffee phase. Thus adding those ingredients more calories to the drink.

In the next report, we will learn about the new mocha in our current era and what ingredients are prepared from it, In addition to the detailed calorie food label of that product, Stay tuned for all these details.

Dolce gusto mocha calories

The calories in one capsule of Dolce Gusto Mocha, 27 grams, are about 99.2 calories, Macros calories are distributed in the following way: The highest amount of carbohydrates is 11.5 grams. Then it was followed by protein with 4.3 grams. And at the bottom of the list is fat, at 4 grams.

Mocha Dolce Gusto

It is an instant coffee made from whole milk powder, sugar, And coffee

Nutritional ingredients in Mocha Dolce Gusto

  • Full cream cow’s milk powder
  • sugar
  • cacao
  • Instant coffee
  • Soy lecithin (emulsifier of vegetable origin)
  • Contains milk and soy
  1. Unknown

The product contains food ingredients that may pose a risk to people who are allergic to them, such as milk, and soy.

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Dolce Gusto
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