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Dolce gusto latte macchiato calories


Dolce gusto latte macchiato calories for milk and coffee lovers together, especially since when these two ingredients blend together, they form a rich, unparalleled taste. This drink is perfect for them.

What is unique about this drink is that with it you will not prepare any ingredients in advance. Just one capsule of it can provide you with the perfect taste of the latte macchiato you love.

As always, we will monitor for you today the detailed food label for this product. where we will know its calories, Especially the macro calories it contains, In addition to the food ingredients from which it was prepared, So stay tuned.

Dolce gusto latte macchiato calories

The calories in a Dolce latte macchiato capsule weighing 20.5 grams are about 80.5 calories, Macros calories are distributed within this amount as follows: Fat, which is the highest percentage of calories by 4.9 grams, Then followed by carbohydrates at 4.8 grams. And finally, protein comes in at 4.3 grams.

Although all of the aforementioned nutritional ratios are few, It can be eaten with many healthy diets. But a lot of drinking this drink throughout the day, leads to more useless calories, On the contrary, it consumes calories from our system that we do not need. They can be replaced with healthier food ingredients.

Dolce gusto latte macchiato

It is an instant coffee drink capsule, Just put the capsule inside the coffee machine and you will have a delicious latte macchiato in a matter of seconds.

The nutritional ingredients in the Dolce Gusto latte macchiato

  • Ground roasted coffee
  • Full cream cow’s milk powder
  • Contains milk
  • May contain soy
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Dolce Gusto
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