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Delicious oats like Cerelac for kids, but for adults and more


Who among us is over 20 years old and still eats Cerelac for kids by step (incognito) because of its delicious taste? It is described as such with me on the side so that I can tell it in a sweet way that makes it benefit from the benefits of oats + the delicious taste of Cerelac

.. But before we start, let us start this journey to learn about the benefits of oatmeal and what is oatmeal? At the end of the page, you will get the method


Oatmeal is one of the most prominent rising stars in the world of healthy food products. As a gluten-free version, oats are superior to white all-purpose flour.

Oatmeal pancakes and oatmeal bread are some of the most popular products. Especially in the United States and Western Europe.


What is oatmeal?

Oatmeal is a nutrient- and protein-rich flour made by grinding oats.

And since oatmeal is gluten-free, It has gained popularity in the past few years.

It also has a sweet taste and is readily available for baking. However, Since it is gluten-free, does not cause baked goods to rise easily and so on, You may need to add more yeast.

Nutritional value of oats

According to the US Department of Agriculture, One-third of a cup (40 g) of oatmeal contains, made from whole grain oats, On 160 calories.

Contains 7 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber. Which makes it a healthier option compared to all-purpose flour.

One-third of a cup of all-purpose flour contains only 4.3 grams of protein and almost 1 gram of fiber.

It also contains more calcium and iron than whole wheat flour and all-purpose flour.

As for minerals, oats are rich in a range of important minerals, vitamins and antioxidants.

Only 100 grams of oats contain:

  • 51 percent of the recommended daily intake of thiamine
  • 8 percent riboflavin
  • 5 percent niacin
  • 6 percent of vitamin B6
  • 14 percent folic acid
  • 13 percent pantothenic acid
  • 26 percent iron
  • 44 percent magnesium
  • 52 percent phosphorous
  • 12 percent potassium
  • 26 percent zinc
  • 31 percent copper
  • 246 percent manganese

As for calories , one cup of dry oats (80 g) contains about 297 calories.

The main type of soluble fiber in oats is beta-glucan. Which helps slow digestion, increase satiety and suppress appetite.

Beta-glucans can bind to cholesterol-rich bile acids in the intestines and transport them through the digestive tract out of the body.

Whole oats also contain phytochemicals called phenols, phytoestrogens that act as antioxidants.

It helps reduce the harmful effects of chronic inflammation associated with various diseases such as cardiovascular disease and diabetes.


How do you get oatmeal at home?

Although you can buy this flour in grocery stores, You can easily make it at home.

Here’s a very simple way to make oatmeal:

the components

  • Half a cup of oats
  • 1 cup (250 ml) of water or milk
  • a pinch of salt

Combine the ingredients in a pot and bring to a boil. Then reduce the heat to a simmer and cook the oats, stirring occasionally, until tender.

To make oats tastier and more nutritious, You can add cinnamon, fruits, nuts, seeds, and/or yogurt.

Health benefits of oatmeal

Oats bring many health benefits. Of which; cancer prevention, and weight loss, and strengthening immunity, treat diabetes, Here are a number of its health benefits

Getting rid of belly fat

Recent research has shown that oatmeal stays with you longer than other grains and can help you get rid of belly fat.

As a 2010 study found, found that overweight and obese participants who ate whole grain oats twice daily had reduced waist circumference.

Feeling full and losing weight

High-fiber foods like oatmeal help you stave off hunger in several ways.

Firstly, These foods are generally chewier and take longer to eat than low-fiber foods. This makes you eat slowly enough so that your body has more time before feeling hungry.

secondly , fiber absorbs moisture, which can help you feel full for longer, They take up more space in your stomach and take longer to digest.

This effect is increased if you drink a lot of water with your meal.

Third, contains oats, In particular, It has fewer calories than many lower-fiber alternatives.


Diabetes treatment

There is conflicting evidence regarding oatmeal and weight loss. where I found a study, The children who ate oatmeal ate 81 percent of their calories later in the day.

Which means better management of the glycemic index.

Oats also provide a steady stream of glucose into the bloodstream. This allows your body to feel full for a longer period.

Furthermore, adding protein to oatmeal, such as almonds, pecans or other nuts, It lowers the glycemic index and may help you feel fuller for longer.

Reducing cholesterol levels

Researchers have known for more than 50 years that eating oats can lower cholesterol levels and thus reduce a person’s risk of developing cardiovascular disease.

Studies during that period focused on the effect of oats on levels of harmful LDL cholesterol, which collects in the walls of blood vessels where it can cause blockages or blood clots.

Prevention of colorectal cancer

Researchers pooled evidence treating nearly two million people to assess whether an oat-based diet is associated with a reduced risk of colorectal cancer.

The study found that for every additional 10 grams per day of oats in the diet, There is a 10 percent reduction in the risk of colorectal cancer.

The researchers concluded that “a high intake of dietary fiber, particularly cereal fibres, It is associated with a lower risk of colorectal cancer.

Treating high blood pressure

A recent article concluded that eating a diet high in whole grains leads to the same results as taking anti-hypertensive medication.

The researchers found that three portions a day can “significantly reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease in middle-aged people.”

Helps digestion

According to a wide range of published scientific reviews , oats may play an important role in improving satiety and treating digestive issues.

Whole grains are often recommended for their beneficial effects on the digestive system. Researchers point to potential health effects ranging from improved immunity to reduced risk of obesity and chronic disease.

also Oatmeal and its fiber content helps keep the digestive system running smoothly. Which can help reduce constipation.

Promote skin health

It is no coincidence that oats can be found in many skin care products. Manufacturers of these products often list finely ground oats as “colloidal oatmeal.”

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved colloidal oatmeal as a skin protectant in 2003.

but in fact, Oatmeal has a long history of use in treating itching and irritation in various skin conditions.

For example Oatmeal skin products may improve the uncomfortable symptoms of eczema.

Reduces the risk of asthma in children

Asthma is the most common chronic disease in children. It is an inflammatory disorder of the airways.

Although not all children have the same symptoms, Many children with asthma suffer from frequent coughing and shortness of breath.

Studies suggest that early introduction of oats may actually be protective against these symptoms.

One study reports that feeding oats to infants before the age of 6 months is associated with a lower risk of developing childhood asthma (.


Delicious oats like Cerelac for kids

Finally, if you liked the oatmeal to taste like Cerelac for children, all you have to do is use crushed or quick-cooked oatmeal (to make it creamy ) such as:

[wprm-recipe-roundup-item id=”10512″] [wprm-recipe-roundup-item id=”8399″]
  • Milk is added and then heated in the microwave for the desired period, usually not more than 2 or 3 minutes, taking into account stirring during the period to acquire a creamy texture.
  • After completion, sweeten it with honey, banana , or even sugar (for myself, I prefer bananas more because it is a flavor + sweetener) as desired.
  • For flavoring, cinnamon, cardamom, dates, strawberries , nuts , and peanut butter can be added (I prefer coarse from Fifty Fifty due to the lack of processed materials in it)

For a more creamy taste and texture, use Saudia Golden Milk

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