Calories in Sauces & Sauces

Crystal hot sauce how many calories


Crystal chili may seem like a food product that contains zero calories in every 5ml of chili.

But what we don’t know about is that every 5 ml contains 130 mg of sodium!! It is a high quantity compared to you only consuming 5 ml of chili!!

I mean, you should take care of those who consume crystal chili with food or any other type of chili if they get a high amount of sodium .

And now we will leave you with the food label of Red Pepper Sauce, Crystal brand:


Crystal sauce ingredients

Crystal red pepper sauce

  • Fresh red pepper
  • vinegar
  • Table salt
  • E415 xanthan gum (emulsifier)

How to use Crystal Chili

  1. Shake well before use

Notes on Crystal Sauce

  • Crystal hot sauce contains zero calories .
  • Crystal Hot Sauce is full of sodium, as every 5 ml covers the upper limit of sodium for a normal person by 5%. And for patients with high blood pressure and kidneys, 7.2%.
  • Produced by Boomer Foods in the USA.
  • Shake well before use.

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