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Chocolate rice cakes from Natureland


Chocolate Rice Cakes from Natureland, It is a light meal suitable for both children, and adults together, Made from organic whole grain brown rice. As well as dark chocolate to add a sweet taste to these small crackers, And delicious.

In the following, we will learn together about the chocolate rice cakes from the land of nature, Where we will discuss what are the most important calories in this rice cake, We will also learn about the food ingredients from which it was prepared. and other important details related to this product, So stay tuned.


The nutritional ingredients in Natureland Chocolate Rice Cakes

  • dark chocolate 59% (cane sugar, Cocoa Butter, milk powder, cocoa mass)
  • Whole Grain Brown Rice 41% Certified Organic.


Chocolate rice cake calories from natureland

Calories in Natureland Chocolate Rice Cakes in an amount of 3 pieces are about 67 calories.

Macros calories are distributed within that portion as follows: 3 g total total fat, There are total carbohydrates of 9 g, Plus 1g of protein.

This portion also contains saturated fats of 2 g, which is equivalent to 10% of the daily requirement. And dietary fiber in the amount of 1 gm, equivalent to 4% of the daily need, and total sugars of 4 g, Of which there is added sugar in the amount of 4 g, which is equivalent to 8% of the daily need.

It is noteworthy that Natureland rice cakes contain, on the other hand, calcium by 4 mg. And iron by 1 mg, equivalent to 6% of the daily need, And potassium by 50 mg, equivalent to 2% of the daily need.


Notes on Chocolate Rice Cakes from Natureland

  • Allergy warnings: The product may contain traces of sesame, or soy, So if you are allergic to these food ingredients you should avoid consuming this product.
  • The product is gluten free.
  • Keep the product in a dry place. And cool so as not to be damaged.


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