Calories in food

Calories in Barilla Farfalle Pasta 100gm

Barilla farfalle pasta is a real Italian pasta made from hard semolina and water in Italy and is quick to prepare in 10 minutes. Barilla Farfalle pasta contains 352.8 calories…

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How many calories in French coffee Barn Café 1 sachet

French coffee occupies a high position among other types of coffee, It is mixed with hazelnuts and milk to give a delicious taste, especially with sugar. One sachet of Barn…

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Calories in Cheetos Crunchy Hot Fire 50gm

Cheetos crunchy spicy fire of corn flakes

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Puck Premium Feta Cheese Cubes 200 gm

Today, we will learn about the calories in Puck Feta Cheese Cubes of all sizes, in addition to the nutritional components of Puck Cubes Feta Cheese, through the following nutritional…

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Calories in Pezzolo Spaghetti Pasta 100gm

Calories in pezzolo spaghetti 350.2 calories in 100 grams of pasta, Most of these calories are from carbohydrates, at 81.4%. To learn more about the nutritional values of this type…

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Calories in Kitkat 2 chocolate stick

Kit Kat chocolate is one of the most famous types of chocolate made in the world, which has now become, after the new development, more cocoa. And because many consumers…

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Is sunflower oil harmful?

Sunflower oil or sunflower oil is one of the natural oils that chefs use in cooking as an alternative to marinades, industrial oils or hydrogenated oils, which provides a healthier…

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Freshly garlic and onion pasta sauce how many calories in it

Freshly Garlic and Onion Pasta Sauce contains 19.2 calories in every 45.4 grams of ready-made sauce, It is low in calories but contains high sodium that covers your daily need…

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calories in mcdonalds

McDonald’s calories don’t seem simple, But in all cases, McDonald’s meals express a high nutritional value provided by the American global company. McDonald’s, a fast food company, was founded in…

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السعرات الحرارية في طحينة حلواني

السعرات الحرارية في طحينة حلواني وهي عبارة عن طحينة بيضاء تم إعدادها من السمسم المحمص والمطحون وتعبأتها في مصانع حلواني أخوان بالمملكة. الطحينة بشكل عام لديها العديد من الاستخدامات، فيمكن…

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