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Captain Nadec Strawberry Milk 200 ml


Captain Nadec Strawberry Flavored Milk 200 ml, It is a drink made up of yogurt mixed with strawberry flavor, And of course it is sweetened with sugar This combination of great juices is loved by many.

It is known for yogurt, It’s a delicious low-calorie beverage that can be consumed within reasonably in any diet aimed at losing weight, Especially if you don’t have a dairy allergy, But when the fruit is added, And sugar here is a matter of calories varies, And we have a new calorie count that we need to recognize.

In the following report, we will learn about the calories in Captain Nadec Strawberry flavored milk, specifically the calories of macrose, We will also learn about the nutritional ingredients from which this drink is prepared.


Calories in Captain Nadec Strawberry Flavored Milk

The calories in Nadec strawberry flavored milk are about 148.8 calories in each 200 ml bottle. Macrose calories are distributed between carbohydrates of 22.2 g, and protein in the amount of 6 f, And there is fat in the amount of 4 g.

The product also contains 14 g sugar, and vitamin A by 1335 units, The product also includes 200 mg calcium.


Ingredients of Captain Nadec Strawberry Flavored Milk

Flavored milk that tastes great and is beneficial to your health, Made from 100% fresh Nadec milk

  • Low-fat natural cow’s milk
  • 2% sugar
  • Strawberry flavor identical to nature
  • Natural color (turmeric extract)
  • Vitamins A and D3

Captain Nadec Strawberry Flavored Milk Produced by Nadec Saudi Arabia

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