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Calories of Tuna Al-Khair (Firm Tuna) 185 gm


Al-Khair Tuna (Firm Tuna) 185 gm is one of the most important types of tuna known in the Kingdom, Which is characterized by its wonderful delicious taste.

Tuna is generally known to be a more than wonderful source of protein that can be safely consumed within our different diets, It is suitable for many diets, whether the carp system, or keto diet, Or even a calorie diet.

In the following report, we will monitor the calories in Tuna Al-Khair, In addition, we will separate the food label for this product, Where we will learn about its components, So stay tuned.


Calories in Tuna El Kheir

Calories in Tuna Al-Khair 236.8 calories in a package of 185 gm, The product does not contain any carbohydrates, as it is considered one of the products of zero carb, But it contains 7.4 grams of fat, Protein has the highest proportion of calories at 42.55 grams.

The product also contains sodium in the amount of 925 mg


Ingredients for a can of tuna goodness

  • Light meat tuna
  • Sunflower oil
  • salt
  • water


How to prepare tuna goodness

  1. Unknown

Notes on Tuna Alkhair

  • Tuna Al-Khair is rich in omega-3 oil
  • Keep the tuna package in a dry place away from sunlight.


In the end, tuna can be considered a great ally in many different diets, eating it does not lead to unnecessary calorie waste. Quite the contrary, When you take them, they will help you feel full for long periods, That’s why it is recommended to take it twice, Or three times a week.


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