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Calories of kettles similar to evaporated milk


Calorie mass is similar to evaporated milk, which is canned milk ready to use immediately, It can be applied to various drinks such as tea. or coffee, if desired. It can also be used in the preparation of desserts.

In general, evaporated milk is It is milk that has been pasteurized in order to remove 60% of the water contained in fresh regular milk. Evaporated milk is lower in nutritional value compared to regular milk. It has half the nutritional value of regular milk. It is also very different from condensed milk. Since condensed milk has sugar added to it, Thus, it requires less processing, Because the sugar that is added prevents the growth of bacteria in it when stored, While evaporated milk requires a longer processing time in preparation for packaging. And save it to export it to the markets for consumption.

Mass calories similar to evaporated milk

The total calories in an amount of 100 grams of evaporated milk is about 129 calories, The calories in that quantity are distributed as follows: carbohydrates, with a total of 8.85 grams, It is followed by fat, with a total of 8 grams. And finally, protein comes in at 5.4 grams.

What is my mass similar to evaporated milk?

Similar to skimmed evaporated milk mixed with vegetable oil

The nutritional ingredients in my lump are similar to evaporated milk

  • Skimmed cow’s milk powder
  • water
  • Vegetable fats E339
  • single, Disodium phosphate (stabilizer)
  • Lecithin E322 (Emulsifier)
  • Stabilizer E407 Carrageenan
  • 23% of the total solids
  • 8% vegetable fat
  • 15% non-fat milk solids
  • 34% protein content in non-fat milk solids, homogeneous and sterile

The method of preparing masses is similar to evaporated milk

  1. It is evaporated milk that is mixed with tea, coffee, Or even sweets as desired.

Notes on my lumps are similar to evaporated milk

  • The percentage of fat in the raw material is zero.
  • The product is processed and sterilized.
  • Shake well before opening.
  • It is best stored below 21°C.
  • It is placed in the refrigerator after opening. It is consumed within 3 days of opening.
  • It is best served with tea, coffee, or sweets.

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