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Calories in white basmati rice


Calories in Tilda White Basmati Rice, which is a type of luxurious long-grain rice. With which many wonderful dishes can be prepared.

In reality, White rice is considered one of the main meals present on the table of Arab families. Not a single week goes by without rice being the guest of the Arab table more than twice. or three, It is widely present in the Arab kitchen.

Rice calories vary according to the amount that will be eaten. and the way he would cook it, And the amount of fat that will be added to Tilda rice or any long-grained basmati rice.

In the following report, we will provide a detailed explanation of the full calories that you can get from eating Tilda Basmati white rice, We will also learn about the total food label for the ingredients of this product, So stay tuned.


Calories in white basmati rice

The total nutritional data contained in Tilda rice, in an amount consisting of 100 grams of this white basmati rice, is about 345.3 calories, Macro calories are distributed between 1.5 grams of total fat, and a total of 9 grams of protein, There are 76.2 grams of carbohydrates in that quantity.

Tilda white basmati rice

It is a white basmati rice that can be prepared in many different ways according to your desire.

Ingredients of white basmati rice

  • Basmati white rice
  • long bean (kind)
  • first degree (class)
  • 2% of crushed grain
  • 0.10% black grain

How to cook white basmati rice

  1. Add 60 grams of white basmati rice per person to a large pot of boiling water
  2. Cook it on medium heat for 10 to 12 minutes
  3. You have to filter it well, cover it, and leave it for 3 minutes
  4. Then flip it with a fork and serve it hot

From the aforementioned nutritional data, We see that although the product is significantly lacking in fat, It contains a decent amount of protein. But on the other hand, full of carbohydrates, This is the main reason why excessive consumption leads to obesity. So we try as much as possible not to overeat it, even if you are a fan of it.

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