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Calories in whipping cream Nadec


Below we present the calories in whipping cream, Nadec. It is known as whipping cream, or as it is sometimes known as whipped cream. sometimes with whipped cream, Or Chantilly cream, as it is a cream that is beaten well until it doubles in volume, becomes lighter in texture, It is flavored with vanilla to give it a sweet taste. It is often used in desserts as a filling. or for decoration. The following is a definition of nutritional values. and its nutritional components.

Calories in whipping cream Nadec

Nadec whipping cream is a cream prepared from 100% fresh cream and contains 72.3 calories per 25ml serving. Fat constitutes the highest percentage of calories, at 93.4%.


Whipping Cream Ingredients Nadec

  • Fresh cow’s milk
  • Fresh cream
  • E407 (installed)
  • E463 (fixed)
  • E472 (vegetable emulsion)
  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin D3
  • At least 28% fat
  • Ultra-high temperature coefficient

Calculating calories in whipping cream, Nadec does not depend on it only, Especially since it is not traded on its own, but mixed with sweets, Therefore, the entire piece of dessert must be calculated before only the whipping cream. Because it may not be worth anything in its calories compared to the piece of candy attached to it.

We would also like to point out that this product contains a high amount of cholesterol and fat, so it is preferable to use it carefully or avoid these types of cream.


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