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Calories in Watermelon flavored jelly sweetness


Calories in the sweetness of watermelon-flavored jelly, which is one of the delicious desserts that adults love, And the young together are characterized by their soft texture, And with its distinctive flavor, the refreshing watermelon flavor.

You can find this kind of sweetness in any supermarket. It is ready to eat immediately, at any time. Anywhere, It is sold in a bag containing 300 grams of sweetness with a distinctive watermelon flavor.

In the following report, a detailed explanation of the nutritional label of this sweetness. Where we will address the calories in the sweetness of watermelon-flavored jelly and its nutritional components, So stay tuned.

Calories in Watermelon flavored jelly sweetness

Calories in one serving of watermelon flavored jelly sweetness of 12 grams are about 43.2 calories, The total calories are distributed as follows.

Total sodium is about 19.7 milligrams (1%) of the daily intake. As for the total sugars, its value is about 6.2 grams. The product also contains total carbohydrates of about 10.8 g, or 4% of the daily intake.

This one The product does not contain any total fat. or saturated fats, or even trans fats, The product also does not contain added sugar. or any amount of protein, Also, the product does not contain dietary fiber. The product also does not contain any amount of cholesterol. All of these nutritional statistics amount to 0 grams inside the product in this portion.

Nutritional ingredients in sweet watermelon flavored jelly

  • sugar
  • Glucose syrup
  • citric acid (E330)
  • salt
  • Sodium citrate
  • rent
  • Watermelon flavour
  • food coloring E102, E 129, E 133
  • Titanium Dioxide E171


Warning that the colors A102, A129, and A171 may have a negative effect on activity and concentration in children.

These were the most important details related to the calories in the sweetness of watermelon-flavored jelly. In general, we do not recommend consuming sugars in general in a high way. This is because they are full of calories. cause obesity, diabetes, However, it does not guarantee any nutritional values ​​that could be beneficial to the body. And give him health.

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