Calories in Ice Cream

Calories in vanilla ice cream and chocolate


Ice cream is one of the most delicious desserts that can be eaten in the summer. It greatly moisturizes us in hot weather. It can be consumed once a week without affecting your diet. Even if you are on a diet (you should consult a nutritionist if you are on a diet).

One of the most beautiful types of ice cream that you can eat one day, It’s a vanilla and chocolate peanut butter ice cream. It is rich in wonderful taste. It combines vanilla ice cream, chocolate ice cream, It is completely covered with a piece of crunchy chocolate. which contain nuts.


Calories in vanilla ice cream and chocolate

One piece of ice cream contains 252 calories, with a fat content of about 144. And each piece of this ice cream weighs about 90 grams.

As for the total fat in it, 16 grams is 25%, The percentage of saturated fat is 5 grams, 25%. As for trans fats, are 0.5 grams, and cholesterol 60 mg 20%, And sodium is about 50 mg 2%.

The total carbohydrates contained in this ice cream is 27 grams (9%). The percentage of fiber in it is 1 gram, 4%. And the percentage of sugar is 14 grams.

The calories and nutritional values ​​mentioned here may differ from what is written in the ice cream packaging due to some conflicting data by the manufacturer, Therefore, it must be noted by us so that you can properly calculate the calories in your diet.


Nutritional ingredients in peanut butter, vanilla and chocolate ice cream

Ice cream is made of sugar. Skimmed cow’s milk powder , glucose, and cocoa powder, In addition to vegetable oils (coconut oil – palm oil) and lecithin (E322) in addition to stabilizers, emulsifiers (vegetable) and mono, Diglycerides (E471) There is also guar gum (E471), carrageenan (E407) and cellulose gum (E466). The piece also contains flavorings (vanilla – hazelnut). It also contains peanut pieces. or other nuts or milk, So if you are allergic to these products, we do not recommend taking it.

Ice cream is kept at a temperature of -18. It is produced by Amr Company for Advanced Food Industries and Ice Cream – Al-Rahbeen – Samannoud City – Gharbia Governorate.

Look at the table of calories in ice cream

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