Calories in Egyptian food

Calories in turkey burger


turkey burger calories, Average compared to many meat and turkey based meals.

It is a healthy and delicious meal. quick to prepare, It can be served in seasons and holidays, In addition to serving it as a quick meal when time is short.

In the following article, we explain the number of calories in a turkey burger, So are the calories in each component of the meal.

In addition to displaying the entire meal ingredients, In addition to the nutritional values ​​​​in the turkey burger meal, As well as the method of preparation.


Calories in turkey burger

The number of calories in turkey burger is enough for 6 persons, 930.6 calories.


Turkey burger ingredients

And those calories come from many of the ingredients that abound in the meal. As the meal contains the following:

  • 6 pounds of ground turkey, Which is equivalent to 2.7 kilograms.
  • six ounces dry ranch dressing mix, Which equals approximately 186 grams.
  • 6 cups of grated low-fat cheddar cheese, It is enough for the whole meal.
  • 5 cups of freshly chopped green onions.


Calorie breakdown for all turkey burger items

As we mentioned the turkey burger ingredients, In the previous lines, We will explain in the following, The number of calories in each item.

Most of the calories come from the turkey itself. Which contains 642 calories in total weight.

Note that the turkey slices that are placed in this meal, At least 93% fat-free.

As for the low-fat grated cheddar cheese, It contains 198 calories. In addition to the 84 calories available in the sauce.

The sauce is often Hidden Valley Ranch. This type comes in the form of a dry mixture.

Finally, you can get 12 calories from raw onions in the entire meal.


Nutritional values ​​in turkey burger

Through the rooster burger, you get many different nutritional values, which can be mentioned as follows:

  • 6 calories coming from each meal component.
  • 8 grams of pure protein, which is the main ingredient in that meal, It is mainly available in turkey slices.
  • 2 grams of fat, which comes mainly from turkey meat.
  • 8 milligrams of cholesterol and triglycerides, the main source of which is turkey meat.
  • 2 grams of salt and sodium, Which come from various components of the meal.
  • 6 grams of total carbohydrates, mainly in the cheese and sauce.
  • 6 grams of dietary fiber, which is mainly found in the sauce.


How to prepare a turkey burger

Making a turkey burger meal begins with mixing all the ingredients together in a bowl before putting it on the stove.

With the preparation of pancakes, in which the filling is placed at the same time, Which is divided into 6 patties to make 6 full servings of rooster burger.

next step, start to turn on the fire on the pan, where the batter is cooked on the pan, or on the grill until done.

Note that this mixture needs a maximum of 7 minutes to reach the required maturity level before eating it.

In general, the turkey burger is mainly served with bread. Lettuce and tomato can also be served with the meal.

Note that bread, tomatoes and lettuce, Her data was not included in this previous article.

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