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Calories in tuna salad with beans


calories in tuna salad with beans, Perfect calories in a meal replacement for traditional tuna salad. Where tuna is mixed with tomatoes and beans.

In the process, you get a typical light lunch. Sufficient for a family of 4 adults.

Between the lines of this article, We are exposed to a lot of information about this nutritional recipe, Like the calories in tuna salad with beans.

As we mention in those lines, Nutritional information about tuna salad with beans, In addition to the calories in each of them.

Additionally the following article deals with, How to prepare tuna salad with beans, and expected preparation and cooking time.


Calories in tuna salad with beans

The calories in tuna salad with beans for a meal for a family of four adults are 772.8 calories.

The total amount of calories comes from the many healthy ingredients that abound in that meal. Which we will list in the following lines.


Ingredients for tuna salad with beans

The tuna salad meal with beans consists mainly of tuna, Where there are 2 cans of tuna lobed in water, And it was liquidated.

The main ingredient for this meal is a can of white beans, which can be replaced with drained and rinsed chickpeas.

In addition to these ingredients, there are some simple additions to the meal, such as a red pepper that has been cut into cubes.

In addition, there is a quarter cup of red onion, cut into small cubes, And a tablespoon of olive oil.

Lemon juice can be added, and you may choose between parsley, tomatoes, and spinach to add to the salad.


Calorie details for tuna salad ingredients with beans

When talking about the calories in that meal, compared to all its components.

for example; We find that a can of white beans, which represents 2.64 cups, It contains 474 calories.

As for tuna lobes, it contains 280 calories in the size of two cans. And a tablespoon of olive oil contains 120 calories.

As for the other additions to the tuna salad with beans, We find that pepper contains 32 calories.

The pepper in that meal is distinguished by being sweet, red, fresh, and one fruit with a diameter of 3: 4 inches on average.

For raw onions, of which we use 4 tablespoons in that meal, It contains 16 calories in the entire meal.

Regarding lemonade, which we use a whole lemon, We find that it contains 12 calories.


Nutritional information in tuna salad with beans

The tuna salad with beans contains many different nutritional values, which vary with the variety of meal components, including vegetables, protein, and carbohydrates.

For example, we find that the total fat in the meal is 17.2 calories. It mainly comes from olive oil.

With regard to the total carbohydrates, which come from white beans, it reaches 81.6 calories.

And for the fresh sweet red pepper, It provides 24.4 grams of dietary fiber in a full serving.

Finally, The main ingredient in that meal is tuna. It provides a great value of protein, reaching 89.2g in an entire serving.

As for cholesterol and triglycerides, it does not exceed 116.4 milligrams. Sodium reaches 1.3 grams.


How to prepare tuna salad with beans

The most prominent feature of this meal is that it is prepared on cold without the need for fire only. Where you mix the ingredients.

Then keep the dish in the refrigerator for at least 4 hours before eating it cold.


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