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Calories in tuna noodle casserole


The calories in tuna noodle casserole are convenient for the whole family. As the number of simple calories, Included in this casserole is suitable for various needs.

In general, tuna meal is a very classic and simple food. It is the perfect dinner for the family.

And just when you’re hungry and need a quick, easy, healthy snack, you need tuna meal, And with the addition of noodles, You will get a perfect and delicious meal.

In the following article, we review a lot of nutritional information about tuna noodles casserole, And the calories in that meal.

In addition, we detail the calories in each element of that meal. In addition to the method of preparation.


Calories in tuna noodle casserole

The number of calories in the Tuna Noodles Casserole meal for 6 persons amounts to 2511 calories, An average of 418.5 calories per serving.


Ingredients for the noodles tagine meal with tuna

The tuna noodle meal consists of many light ingredients. Which mainly focuses on noodles and tuna as a main ingredient.

In that meal, 3 cans of tuna rich in oil, And 250 grams of noodles or noodles with egg yolk.

In addition, the meal contains a can of low-fat cream of mushroom soup, And a box of cheddar cheese soup.

In addition, there is a cup of frozen peas, Plus half a cup of grated cheddar cheese, With half a cup of breadcrumbs.

All of these ingredients provide a number of calories. bringing the total to 2511 calories.

Calories in tuna noodle casserole ingredients

This is as follows; Noodles or noodles with egg yolk provide 840 calories, With 462 calories of cheddar cheese.

With regard to light tuna, which is cut into water, with a weight of approximately 600 grams, It provides 681 calories.

For the low-fat mushroom soup, It provides 210 calories. With 204 calories from dry and grated bread slices.

And the last ingredient in that meal is frozen peas, Which provides 114 calories in the whole meal.


Nutritional information for tuna noodles casserole

The tuna noodle casserole contains many different nutritional values. As a result of the variety of items and components of the meal itself.

We find, for example, fats that do not exceed 59.4 grams, mainly back to cheddar cheese, And the soup in the meal.

As for the total carbohydrate values ​​in the meal, it reached 284.4 grams, which is due to the noodles or noodles in the tagine. That’s 47.4 grams per serving.

With regard to protein, which comes mainly from tuna, We find that it weighs 129 grams. While dietary fiber reaches 26.4 grams.

And for the fewer ingredients in that meal, We find that cholesterol and triglycerides do not exceed 239.4 mg.

As for sodium and salt, it reaches 5.1 grams at most in the entire meal.

The tuna noodle casserole meal is moderate in macros and high in fiber. It is suitable for moderate dieters and low-calorie dieters


How to prepare noodles casserole with tuna

to get that meal, We start by boiling the noodles or noodles until they are completely cooked. Then we put it aside.

On the flip side, in a large bowl, Mix pure tuna with cheddar soup, split peas and noodles.

Then start the process of cooking the mixture for a period not exceeding 20 minutes at a temperature of 177 degrees Celsius.

After cooking is over, She sprinkles cheddar cheese and dry bread pieces on the face of the tagine, Then put it back in the oven for 10 minutes.

The meal is eaten hot. Note that it is sufficient for 6 adults. With a full 15 minutes to prepare, and a full half hour to cook, In the end, you will end up with a complete and delicious meal.


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