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Calories in Tono Refreshing Blueberry Smoothie


Tono raspberry juice is a drink made by mixing water with sugar and nature-identical raspberry flavor with some natural and artificial colourings.

The calories in Tono Blueberry Juice are 132 calories per 50 ml of concentrated juice, whether it is mixed with water or not!!

And all the calories come from added sugar only!! Where the amount of added sugar is estimated at about 33 grams of sugar!! ? Imagine 33 gm of sugar , but in 50 ml of syrup?

Tono does not contain any nutritional value other than sugar, but also contains artificial colors that may negatively affect the activity and concentration of children.

For more nutritional data, please see the nutritional label below and leave your comments:


Tono juice ingredients

  • sugar
  • water
  • Citric acid E330 (acidity regulator)
  • E150D caramel color (colour)
  • Carmoisine, synthetic color E122 (may adversely affect children’s activity and concentration)
  • Tartrazine E102 (may adversely affect children’s activity and concentration)
  • Nature-identical black and red raspberry flavour


How to make tonto juice

  1. Bring 250 ml of cold water

  2. Pour in about 50ml of Tono juice concentrate and stir

  3. Now it is ready to drink and be happy and well

Tono Juice is manufactured under license from London Tono Products Limited. United Kingdom and was packaged by the Arrow Factory Company for the manufacture and bottling of juices Ltd.



How many calories are in Tono drink?

Tono drink contains 132 calories in approximately 50 ml.

What is the way to make tuna juice?

Just take 250 ml of cold water and pour about 50 ml of concentrated tuna juice over it. With the addition of ice as desired.

How much is tono juice?

The price of a large package of 710 ml is about 15 Saudi riyals. You can make about 15 cups. Each cup means only one riyal.

What are the nutritional benefits of tuna?

It has no nutritional benefits except that it contains only added sugar.

Is Tono juice safe for children?

Tono juice contains carmoisine E122 and tartrazine E102. These two substances may negatively affect the activity and concentration of children.

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