Calories in toffee luk

toffee luk biscuit is made of wheat flour and covered with chocolate and caramel, and it is one of the goodies sweets and is made in Jeddah by the Ghandour Company.

The calories in toffee luk 177.4 calories and more than half of these calories are from carbohydrates and fats. To find out more nutritional values in Toffee Chocolate we leave you with the following food package.

Ingredients for toffee with caramel and ghandour chocolate

  • sugar
  • Palm oil (non-hydrogenated vegetable oil according to the company’s permit)
  • Palm kernel oil (non-hydrogenated vegetable oil according to the company’s statement)
  • Wheat flour
  • Glucose syrup
  • Milk solids
  • Cocoa solids
  • E422 glycerin (moisturizer)
  • II ii420 sorbitol is a moisturizer (an increase in the amount of sorbitol consumed more than 40 g per day may cause diarrhea)
  • E500 ii sodium bicarbonate (lever)
  • E503 II ammonium bicarbonate (leachate)
  • salt
  • Malt extractor
  • II i322 (emulsifier from soy)
  • E 476 (emulsifier from castor oil)
  • E471 (emulsion palm)
  • Industrial vanilla flavor “vanillin”
  • Milk flavor
  • Butter flavor


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