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Calories in Tang orange flavor


calories in tang, It is a powdered juice with orange flavour. where the powder is mixed with water, and sugar in order to obtain an orange-flavoured liquid drink, This drink is ideal for invitations and special occasions. and other meetings, Because of its ease of preparation, it is relied upon in many gatherings.

Although the drink itself is powdered, Many may think that it does not contain calories. but this is not true, It has the same calories as any other juice. Also, the amount of sugar that is added to it when preparing it increases its number of calories. So you should pay close attention to this point.

Below we will discuss with you in detail what are the most important calories in Tang, We will also learn about Tang food ingredients, How to prepare this drink and other details.


The nutritional ingredients in Tang Orange Flavor

  • sugar
  • acid (citric acid)
  • Acidity regulator (trisodium citrate)
  • natural colors (turmeric, beta-carotene (E160a (II) titanium dioxide, Anthocyanins (E163))
  • Anti-caking agent (tri-calcium phosphate)
  • salt
  • Natural orange flavour
  • thickeners (xanthan gum, carboxy sodium, methyl cellulose)
  • Vitamin C


How do I make Tang orange juice?

  1. Place 8 level tablespoons (equivalent to 125g) of Tang orange juice powder into a pitcher.
  2. Add cold water to orange tang powder, This is to prepare one liter of juice.
  3. You can add more sugar to the drink as desired. And be aware that the powder originally contains sugar in its content.
  4. stir well, And enjoy eating it.

Is Tang juice natural?

Tang juice can be considered natural unless the ingredients are known. Tang juice powder contains acidity regulators and preservatives in addition to thickeners and glues to make the mixture homogeneous and somewhat heavy when converted into juice. And the main ingredient of Tang juice is the natural orange flavor! Where this flavor is not extracted from the same orange, Rather, it is extracted from orange peels and orange leaves (read about: N natural and artificial orange flavor ).

In conclusion, it cannot be a natural Tang juice at all, and it cannot be considered a substitute for natural orange juice, just as the correct name is “Tang Drink” and not a juice. We recommend eating a natural orange instead of this drink or its juice.


Calories in Tang

The calories in Tang in each 25 gm coffee quantity for a 200 ml cup are about 93.3 calories, Macros calories are distributed within that amount between 0.1 gm of total fat, and total carbohydrates of 23 g, It is a very high amount compared to the amount that will be consumed from the drink. Plus 0.1 protein> gm.

On the other hand, The product does not contain any saturated fat. or mutant, or cholesterol, However, it contains 43 mg of sodium. There is dietary fiber in the amount of 0.1> gm.

The product also contains total sugars of 23 g. of which 23g added sugar, Which is quite a high amount for a 200ml drink, that is, The product also contains 15 mg of Vitamin C.


Notes of orange flavored tang

  • Tang orange contains vitamin C.
  • The product does not contain any artificial colors.
  • The product does not contain any artificial flavors.
  • Keep the product in a dry place. and cool out of the sun so that it does not deteriorate, or change its taste.


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